10 Steps to Improve Operational Efficiency

No matter the industry, distribution and fulfillment (D&F) centers are facing the same challenges. Whether it’s determining how to follow through on same-day delivery or finding the balance between robotic integration and a changing workforce, operators strive to maintain a high level of operational efficiency. Working in the now and planning for the future have posed challenges for DC operators, but with the right mix of solutions, DCs can succeed.

There are many ways to ensure your DC is optimally performing. But first, you must be able to learn new strategies and unlearn outdated techniques. A forward-thinking approach to operational warehouse efficiency will ensure your DC is meeting the needs of today and preparing for its future fulfillment capabilities. Having a clear understanding of their operation’s goals and the tools available to help reach them will allow operators to make the best decisions possible for their warehouse.

Knowing your operation’s metrics is a great place to begin determining how to better equip your DC for efficiency. A deep look into metrics will help determine what is and isn’t working, and which areas need the most immediate attention. Next-generation technologies and automated material handling solutions — including robotics, autonomous sortation solutions, automated storage and retrieval systems and more — can certainly deliver significant improvements to operational efficiencies in order fulfillment, as well as address labor and flexibility issues. However, there are other, less complex measures that can be taken as well. 

A focus on people will also prepare your DC for optimal warehouse efficiency. Having a well-trained and efficient staff will keep your DC running smoothly and meet growing consumer demands. Because many things can quickly change in the distribution and fulfillment industry, ongoing training and education will be key to staying prepared for the future of D&F.

This white paper explores 10 steps that can be taken to increase operational efficiency today and into the future.