Conquer High-volume e-Commerce With Goods-to-person Order Fulfillment

The U.S. has experienced 26 straight quarters with year-over-year, e-commerce sales growth at or near 15 percent. However, much of this growth is attributed to direct-to-consumer orders, rather than the larger pallet load orders many distribution centers (DCs) were originally designed to handle for retail replenishment. These direct-to-consumer orders require handling larger volumes of smaller-size orders. 

Fulfillment operations that handle retail replenishment and direct-to-consumer orders must adapt their processes to meet service level demands across both channels efficiently and profitably. 

Goods-to-person (GTP) order fulfillment offers a solution that applies the right mix of automated equipment, processes and workflow adjustment to handle high volumes of direct-to-consumer orders with greater speed and accuracy. GTP fulfillment can be improved by automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS) technologies. After an AS/RS retrieves products from storage, a conveyor then transports the required SKUs to picking stations — improving efficiency and increasing facility utilization. 

Download our white paper, the second installment in a series of AS/RS materials from Honeywell Intelligrated, to learn how workflow adjustments and shuttle technology can increase efficiency for high-volume, e-commerce fulfillment operations.