Are You Using Automation to Its Full Potential?

Are You Using Automation to Its Full Potential?

Even as the logistics industry becomes faster and more complicated, the world’s top-performing operations don’t seem to be breaking a sweat. In fact, they’re the ones pushing the envelope by streamlining performance and setting the bar of customer expectations ever higher.

The strategies of these top-performing operations have been simple: drive supply chain efficiency to its limits, show customers how enjoyable this new normal can be, and seize market share while others struggle to keep up.

But you don’t have to be left in the dust. You can play in the same league by using the “secret weapon” they’re using.

Speed Throughput and Eliminate Islands of Automation

If you feel like your business is just one step away from the distribution and fulfillment (D&F) industry’s highest performers, but your warehouse control system (WCS) or other host system is struggling to keep pace, one or both of the following statements is probably true:

  1. You already have a high-volume operation that just needs to boost its throughput rate to keep pace with the industry’s top players.
  2. You’ve implemented a complex combination of warehouse automation solutions — with multiple start and end points — which could operate more efficiently if they were more seamlessly integrated.

If either of these scenarios sounds familiar, it’s probably time for your business to consider the solution that drives the world’s highest-performing operations: warehouse execution system (WES) software.

Built with a technological infrastructure that enables seamless scalability, future-proof flexibility and the data-driven intelligence to enable real-time optimization, WES helps leading D&F operations meet next- and same-day delivery expectations — all while achieving peak levels of productivity, accuracy, efficiency and end-to-end distribution center (DC) performance.

WES takes WCS to the next level and beyond, helping you stay up to date with today’s e-commerce challenges while providing a foundation for continuous growth. You’ll see immediate improvement today and gain additional advantages over time with benefits like these:

  • Reduced operating costs from optimized processes and fewer labor burdens
  • Improved order accuracy, on-time shipments and inventory control, reducing your costs of goods sold
  • More support for annual growth from scalable solutions
  • Maintenance of customer service level agreements (SLAs), driven by on-time and accurate shipments
  • High stock keeping unit (SKU) density and order velocities
  • Seamless user experiences across DC workflows, assets, workers and warehouses
  • Lower total cost of ownership (TCO) enabled by smoother upgrades and less IT maintenance
  • Decreased deployment time with simulation and testing, plus less custom development
  • Fast adaptation to changing customer demands and business requirements

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