Business Intelligence Makes Maintenance Processes Smarter and Less Costly

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Business Intelligence Makes Maintenance Processes Smarter and Less Costly

Manufacturers and distribution center (DC) operators adopt automation at a rate as high as 15 percent a year because advanced systems can improve work planning, reduce unscheduled downtime, and increase efficiency. Many operations are applying this same business intelligence technology to maintenance processes in order to keep the automation running. 

And it turns out that treating maintenance like an opportunity to enhance operations can also reduce overhead. One business cut its overtime costs by 50 percent within three years after investing in a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS). Honeywell Intelligrated’s CMMS manages data collection, analysis, planning and execution so that businesses can make better informed decisions about preventive lifecycle maintenance. Realizing these benefits requires an effective and fully developed implementation. Our latest infographic walks you through five steps you can take to successfully implement our CMMS into your operation. Here’s a summary:

  1. Choose a vendor with experience monitoring and managing material handling systems. 
  2. Import data from existing databases and set up the CMMS to perform critical tasks such as root cause analysis, mean time to failure and measurement thresholds to trigger maintenance actions.
  3. Rely on a true material handling partner for specialized and ongoing support to make the most of your investment.
  4. Enhance — not disrupt — operations with a clear implementation plan that accounts for scheduling demands, uptime requirements and seasonal peaks while complying with safety standards.
  5. Invest the time and attention necessary to produce maximum results throughout the process, from CMMS design and installation to training and ongoing evaluation.

With a properly launched CMMS, you can schedule maintenance around your business’ requirements and closely integrate with parts ordering systems to ensure sufficient inventory for routine maintenance and any unplanned outage. You’ll also be able to preserve maintenance best practices by scheduling services at proper intervals to keep systems healthy and avoid conflicting with peaks. Honeywell Intelligrated’s CMMS will provide detailed work order instructions that include the latest state and federal safety procedures to promote consistent, common work standards.

Transform Maintenance Into a Major Contributor to Your Business’ Success

All of this functionality enables today’s CMMS to accelerate your return on investment by helping you maximize asset uptime and reliability, save money on overtime expenses, decrease cost per repair and reduce paperwork. You can quantify the operational benefits from investment in a CMMS to make the business case for a sound financial return rooted in increased labor efficiency, equipment availability and operational performance. 

Businesses can realize a return on investment (ROI) in less than two years. Here’s a typical ROI calculation based on maintenance overtime costs of $60,000 a year:

  • $36,000 — Total CMMS implementation costs
  • $46,500 — Year 1 maintenance overtime
  • $34,500 — Year 2 maintenance overtime
  • $30,000 — Year 3 maintenance overtime

The bottom line is that investment in Honeywell Intelligrated’s CMMS enables leaner maintenance staffs to work more efficiently. You can create a structured maintenance program that accommodates site-specific criteria and enables well informed managers and technicians empowered to use the CMMS to its full potential. View our infographic to discover more.

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