Concerned About Getting the Parts You Need for Peak?

Concerned About Getting the Parts You Need for Peak?

For those of us in the distribution and fulfillment (D&F) industry, just about any day of the year can feel like the holiday seasons of the past. All the same, there’s still a peak season on the horizon that will start ramping up around October 15.

When that time comes, you won’t be able to afford to wait 30 days, 60 days or longer for critical components. And with supply chain pressures creating more delays than usual, the time to start preparing your plan for spare parts is now.

Inventory Analysis Can’t Wait

For many operations in the D&F industry, the volume of products shipped over the last two years has taken a heavy toll on material handling equipment (MHE). To make matters worse, our industry is experiencing lead times for automation components for as long as a half-year or more. These are glaring dangers you need to address immediately — if you haven’t already begun.

A critical part of any peak preparedness plan for 2022 will be accurate forecasting of the parts you’re going to need. To begin with, it will be more important than ever to have a complete parts cage with everything you may require to keep your equipment running throughout the peak season. But even that may not be enough to protect your throughput during peak this year. To minimize your risk of long unscheduled shutdowns, you’ll also want to have additional spares available for any critical or high-usage parts that are likely to experience delivery delays in the current warehouse supply chain environment.

Figuring out exactly which parts are critical, how to budget appropriately and what new factors you may need to consider isn’t going to be as easy this year. That’s why we’re planning a live presentation that will cover all of these challenges in depth.

Join Us for an Informative Webinar Designed to Prepare you for Peak

On July 21st at 2pm EDT, we’ll present a free 30-minute On The Move webinar that will dive deep into the new realities of ensuring parts availability in a world of supply chain disruptions and uncertain delivery times — the first in a three-part series focusing on peak readiness.

Register today to learn how you can come up with a realistic and practical budget, strategies for calculating the number of spares you must have on hand during the peak season, and how to organize your parts cage for maximum efficiency.

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