Discover Powerful, Cost-Competitive Warehouse Automation Modules at MODEX 2022

Discover Powerful, Cost-Competitive Warehouse Automation Modules at MODEX 2022

Explosive growth in e-commerce is straining distribution and fulfillment (D&F) operations worldwide. Unprecedented demands from vendors and consumers, coupled with intense competition pressure, are intensifying longstanding labor and throughput challenges. And that’s before you factor in the wide proliferation of item sizes, quantities and form factors — from polybags to mixed shipments to loose, unpackaged goods.

In this environment, you need to squeeze out as much sortation capacity as possible. And that means automation is no longer a luxury reserved for the largest operations. In fact, it’s quickly becoming a necessity for any logistics company that hopes to remain competitive.

Synergy between conveyor modules and controls is imperative for integrators seeking to build or harness a lead over the competition. In a fiercely fought industry, maximizing such marginal gains often proves pivotal.

But how do you do that if you’re working on a tight budget, in limited spaces, or both?

This year at MODEX 2022, we’re excited to introduce you to a solution that’s helping parcel, distribution and e-commerce facilities of every size meet these challenges on five continents. Powerful and cost-competitive Transnorm modules and solutions for warehouse automation are designed to help you stay productive, profitable and competitive — without sacrificing flexibility.

Transnorm modules enable compact, modular, flexible and eventually expandable systems, including increasingly essential intelligent automated sortation equipment that can take the complexities of high-paced sortation of different types of goods and packaging out of the hands of workers to increase throughput and accuracy. 

You’ll have the chance to see these solutions in person March 28–31 at one of the world’s largest supply chain events: MODEX 2022, to be held in Atlanta’s Georgia World Congress Center. Innovative Transnorm curve conveyors and conveyance modules that drive superior process efficiencies will be on display at the Honeywell booth, #B7619c.

Stop by to learn more about three key parts of the Transnorm lineup, including:

  • Belt Curve Conveyors Transnorm’s flagship belt curve range, recognized worldwide as the industry standard and clear market leader. Trusted for more than a half-century, this holistic construction concept delivers unmatched reliability, best-in-class energy consumption, smooth operation and superior maintenance-friendliness with 75% fewer preventive maintenance inspections.
  • TS 4800 SmartSort® Swivel Wheel Conveyor Module A high-performance sorting module designed to overcome the 21st century challenges faced by smaller facilities. Easy to install, adapt, expand and duplicate, this flexible, scalable sortation solution is ideally suited for operations that need to balance throughput up to 6,000 parcels per hour with budgetary or space limitations. This innovative module also has practical applications as a linesplitter in larger layouts, delivering on the key performance demands of broader systems or linking connecting lines.
  • Safeglide® Spiral Chutes — A fast, safe and cost-effective solution for transporting packaged goods gently from one level to another — using only the force of gravity.

Together, these solutions offer a wide range of flexible options for diverse D&F applications, delivering high-performance, trouble-free operation to end users and enabling easy integration for system integrators.

Transnorm modules have a proven track record of helping D&F operations run more efficiently and profitably, while keeping pace with a rapidly changing industry. Visit us in the exhibit hall to learn how they can help your operation to enable new possibilities today.

Best of all, there’s no cost to attend MODEX exhibits or conference sessions. We look forward to the opportunity to meet with you in Atlanta.

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