Discover Your DC NEXT at Automate Forward

Discover Your DC NEXT at Automate Forward

If there’s one thing every industry has in common right now, it’s the need to do more with less. Whether it’s scarce labor or tighter budgets, demand is increasing — even if resources are not. In difficult times like these, automation is not just the key to getting by, but presents opportunities for your distribution center (DC) to grow and thrive.

To learn how to reach and exceed the goals of your operation, join Honeywell Intelligrated at Automate Forward, a virtual conference to be held March 22–26. From smart robotics to labor productivity solutions, our virtual showcase will feature end-to-end DC control solutions to help you address your biggest e-commerce and labor challenges. You’ll learn how to accelerate your transition toward greater warehouse automation, choose solutions that will deliver measurable results, and ensure future-proof scalability that will keep your DC competitive today and tomorrow.

At the Honeywell Intelligrated virtual exhibit you can discover these innovative solutions:

  • Mobile robotics — Supplied in collaboration with Fetch Robotics, autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) are among the fastest-growing automation strategies available to the logistics and manufacturing industries today. Smart enough to interact safely with human co-workers and other vehicles and respond to rapid changes without human intervention, AMRs can be deployed in a matter of hours to ease labor burdens, improve warehouse productivity, reduce errors, lower operational costs, and help your operation to stay nimble.
  • Mixed-SKU depalletizing — Boost your productivity and free up labor from repetitive, injury-prone tasks with automated depalletizing solutions built to accommodate diverse variations in packaging and labeling. Automated depalletizers integrate seamlessly into your existing workflows, overcome a common operational bottleneck, and help to lower logistics costs while reducing exposure to a challenging labor market.
  • Smart robotics capabilities — While many suppliers claim to customize robots for specific applications, few can implement robotic applications based on end-to-end knowledge of the logistics ecosystem. Find out how your DC can realize the full promises of automation — including productivity, consistency and enhanced worker safety — while making the most of scarce labor and helping to limit workforce turnover.
  • Momentum warehouse execution system (WES) — Purpose-built to realize the full promise of a WES, Momentum offers a unified, single-software platform that replaces unsupportable, one-off customizations with scalable configurations and predictable upgrade paths. Not only can Momentum WES run, coordinate and manage fulfillment operations, it also equips you with the intelligence to make informed decisions based on historic and real-time data.
  • Remote video-enablement for maintenance — Every minute counts when a critical piece of equipment goes down. TechSight smart glasses enable a remote support team to see exactly what your on-site maintenance crew is dealing with in real time. You’ll minimize downtime and get faster solutions — regardless of your staff’s level of skill or training — while saving the costs and delays of field service travel.

You’ll also have the opportunity to chat directly with our team via instant messaging, network with peers, and learn from informative educational seminars and keynotes. In particular, you won’t want to miss the 2021 State of the Automation Industry Executive Roundtable at 10:00 am on Tuesday, March 23, which will include forward-looking insights from Honeywell Intelligrated’s Robotics Chief Technology Officer, Thomas H. Evans, Ph.D.

From receiving to shipping, order picking to consolidation, lifecycle management to IIoT-enabled infrastructures, Automate Forward will offer you valuable opportunities to learn how to accelerate your transition from DC Now to DC Next


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