Elevate DC Performance With Intelligent Automation Strategies

Elevate DC Performance With Intelligent Automation Strategies

Elevate DC Performance With Intelligent Automation Strategies

For companies competing in the distribution and fulfillment (D&F) sector, the lessons of 2020 have reshaped their operational priorities. As our industry attempts to regain its footing after the unexpected disruptions of the COVID-19 pandemic, e-commerce retailers still face a challenging mix of market conditions — from lingering labor shortages to consistently high order volumes to ever-increasing consumer expectations. Concepts like digital transformation, warehouse automation software and robotics integration, which previously may have been on the radar for some future planning initiatives, have quickly become essential strategies for survival.

With decades of experience helping companies to design and deploy effective fulfillment infrastructures across a variety of retail market segments, Honeywell Intelligrated is uniquely qualified to guide e-commerce retailers through this period of uncertainty.

Our most recent On The Move publication highlights many of our latest innovations, which are designed to help you thrive in today’s market and lay a foundation for ongoing success. We can’t possibly know what obstacles lie in the road ahead, but we can recommend proven strategies to elevate your distribution center (DC) performance and integrate automation hardware and software that deliver a competitive edge. Here’s an overview of the articles you’ll find in our latest publication:

  • Need for Speed — Discover how we’re pairing automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) with goods-to-person (GTP) stations to deliver next-generation order fulfillment efficiencies in space-constrained locations.
  • The Software Path to Fulfillment Success — Take the journey from building a strong software foundation with machine control to effective inventory management with the Momentum warehouse management system (WMS) to advanced warehouse execution system (WES) enablement — all within a single software platform.
  • Thrive With These 9 Fulfillment Strategies — Review the leading approaches for achieving operational resilience in the face of relentless market challenges and an uncertain future.
  • Decision Intelligence Drives Automatic Execution — Learn how our Decision Intelligence data analytics engine empowers Momentum WES via artificial intelligence (AI) and machine-learning (ML) algorithms to automate the complexities of DC order fulfillment and execution.
  • Build a Strong Software Foundation — Prioritize machine control upgrades to avoid obsolescence, streamline automation, and lay a strong foundation for adding essential WMS and WES software capabilities.
  • Robotics Are Taking on More DC Tasks — See how recent advances in sensing technologies, AI, ML, cloud connectivity and mobility enhancements are empowering robotics to perform traditionally manual DC tasks.
  • Benefit From the Data You’re Already Creating — Leverage the full potential of DC data with proven connected technologies that provide previously unattainable operational insights within an enterprise performance management (EPM) solution.
  • Vive L’e-Commerce! — Review the business case for accelerating the adoption of automation in Europe as retailers juggle e-commerce demand spikes, labor constraints and other key market dynamics.

Read our new On The Move publication to learn more about these proven strategies for success.

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