Enable Possible With Custom Material Handling Solutions

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Man holding tablet

Enable Possible With Custom Material Handling Solutions

Whether you run a distribution center (DC) or a manufacturing operation, it’s not always easy to find the exact equipment you need. You may have created a new product that requires special handling. Something that already exists might seem right for your needs but was designed for something else. Or you may just be struggling with a problem you’d love to automate — if only you could figure out how.

In a recent On The Move webinar, we spoke with key members of the team from Honeywell United Sortation Solutions (USS), a highly specialized business unit that’s been tackling challenges like these since 2003. Their innovative approach means you don’t have to give up on your ideas, even if you can’t find the solution you need in a catalog.

From Ideas to Turnkey Solutions

Honeywell USS basically exists as the answer to one simple question: “What do you do when the material handling equipment (MHE) you need doesn’t exist?” Instead of stocking a portfolio of standardized products, their entire operation is structured around solving unique problems. Since becoming part of Honeywell’s Industrial Automation business unit in 2017, their process has resulted in more than 50 invention disclosures — four of which have been declared trade secrets — and 15 U.S. patents.

Over the years, USS has developed solutions of every size, ranging from individual modules to full-system solutions to complete, large-scale sortation systems. Others defy easy categorization — which is just what you might expect from a group who specializes in custom development.

Although comprehensive testing to ensure easy integration is part of the process, the USS workflow is designed to quickly deliver practical solutions that work, not “perfect” or over-engineered machines. It also has the flexibility to adapt the design as you go, based on your vision, performance in test scenarios or on-site deployments.

To make this process as simple as possible, the USS workflow is focused on finding an optimized, practical and cost-effective path to your solution. So while completely new MHE can be designed from scratch if you need it, the team prefers to look for ways to leverage proven successes and equipment. In many cases, the best answer is about 80% existing technology and 20% innovation.

USS solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly with equipment. In addition, several manufacturing partners can scale your solution to whatever level you need — whether it’s 10, 100 or thousands.

Get the Exact Equipment You Need

If you missed the live webinar, you can still catch the recording online to learn more about how Honeywell USS can help you get the exact MHE you need, even if it hasn’t been invented yet. You’ll also have the chance to see some of the game-changing, yet often surprisingly simple, solutions they’ve developed in the last few years. “Enable Possible With Custom Material Handling Solutions” is available on-demand.

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