Experience ProMatDX On Demand and Plan Your DC Next

Experience ProMatDX On Demand and Plan Your DC Next

ProMatDX is a wrap! While we’re hopeful for the return of “live and in-person trade shows,” Honeywell Intelligrated was thrilled to participate in one of this year’s biggest virtual industry events.  And, just because the show is over doesn’t mean you missed out on seeing everything that Honeywell Intelligrated had to offer. You now have the ability to continue viewing the educational seminars and informative demo sessions on our ProMatDX showcase page on demand!

We know the remainder of the year will present a complex mix of ongoing and emerging challenges for many distribution and fulfillment operations — some of which have operated at near-peak order fulfillment levels since the start of the pandemic. Competition for labor is increasing, making longstanding resource constraints even more acute and driving the need to maximize the utilization of existing workforces.

Many retailers are turning to robotics to help reduce their reliance on manual labor and increase operational efficiencies, especially for repetitive picking, packing and palletizing tasks where it’s becoming more difficult to fill those jobs. And as companies introduce more warehouse automation to keep pace with demand, the requirement for advanced, configurable warehouse automation software has become increasingly important to operational success.

Our virtual showcase page will be live until September 21. By registering for ProMatDX , you’ll have free access to the recorded sessions of the many solutions we’ve designed to help you address your biggest e-commerce and labor challenges while accelerating your progression toward greater warehouse automation.

We hope these digital demos will offer fresh insights and new strategies to help you make the transition from your DC Now to DC Next.

By combining a unified warehouse software ecosystem with advanced automation technologies, our end-to-end DC solutions are helping leading retailers thrive in this competitive and challenging marketplace. If you’re ready to learn more about any of the solutions described in these virtual demos, we’re ready to help you make data-driven decisions that lay the groundwork for your continued success.

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