Help Create a Safer Warehouse With Honeywell Voice

Help Create a Safer Warehouse With Honeywell Voice

Within warehouses and distribution centers (DCs), managers and operators are working tirelessly to implement new safety protocols to improve worker confidence and well-being. Whether your operations have remained open, you’ve hired more staff to meet additional customer demands, or you are facing the prospect of reopening, you are undoubtedly making changes to your working environment to ensure worker safety. 

In addition to establishing social distancing boundaries, increasing hygiene practices, and utilizing personal protective equipment (PPE) — such as N95 masks, safety eyewear and protective gloves manufactured by Honeywell Safety and Productivity Products — utilizing Honeywell Voice technology reconfirms your commitment to worker safety. Its ease of use for employees wearing face masks and its minimal touch capabilities make Honeywell Voice technology simple to implement and maintain. 

To help your staff to continue working while reducing workplace risks, we’ve created an advisory bulletin detailing best practices for use and simple cleaning guidelines for the wireless, mobile devices and associated components.

Best Practices in Safer Voice Technology Use

To further ensure the safety and hygiene of associates as they return to work, Honeywell recommends the following best practices for use of voice technology and devices:

  • Give each associate his or her own set of devices. 
  • Do not permit sharing of headbands and protective microphone windscreens.
  • Train associates on how to properly sanitize and clean devices and replace consumables before and/or after use using a solution of 70% isopropyl alcohol and 30% water.
  • Demonstrate to associates that the voice headset can be used while wearing a mask that shields the nose and mouth. 
  • Train associates how to operate a device while wearing gloves. 
  • Install vehicle mounts for the terminal to avoid body contact and potential cross-contamination.

Using Honeywell Voice for Contact Tracing

Honeywell Voice has the ability to track a wearer’s proximity to others, enabling associates to quickly determine if they are maintaining social distancing from each other, as established by your organization. In the future, this feature will allow managers and mobile workers to: 

  • Help manage social distancing proximity detection 
  • Speak a “check distancing” command to determine proper spacing
  • Hear a message indicating one or more other associates have been too close
  • Receive an “all clear” announcement when associates have maintained social distancing
  • Document transgressions for analysis and further training 

Learn more about how Honeywell Voice can help improve your employees’ safety as they come back to work in this “new normal."

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