Making the Connection Between IIoT and Revenue Potential

Making the Connection Between IIoT and Revenue Potential

There’s a lot of talk today about how the industrial internet of things (IIoT) is gaining wider adoption in a variety of industries, including the distribution and fulfillment sector. Whether it’s part of a larger digital transformation or merely the first step in enabling greater operational visibility, many business leaders are investing in connected technologies to improve operations for today and tomorrow. These investments are founded in a belief that IIoT will address many of the challenges these industries face.

A quick look at a few key statistics (below) reveals that many business leaders are optimistic about the potential of IIoT — both in driving revenues and addressing their most pressing operational challenges. 

We know there are myriad challenges facing the distribution and fulfillment sector, largely stemming from escalating e-commerce consumer expectations, worsening labor shortages and increasing automation requirements. In these margin-driven environments, there are numerous opportunities for connected technologies to deliver a much-needed competitive edge. Our Connected Distribution Center offering was designed to help our customers do just that.
We’ve already seen that connectivity in the DC is having transformative effects on day-to-day operations while uncovering keen insights into operational activities and laying the groundwork for more advanced future automation. To illustrate our findings, we’ve developed an infographic that illustrates how The Connected Distribution Center makes the connection to true revenue potential.  

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