Introducing Momentum WES: Warehouse Execution. Simplified

Introducing Momentum WES: Warehouse Execution. Simplified

Honeywell Intelligrated is pleased to introduce Momentum, the next generation in warehouse execution systems (WES). Momentum is a feature-rich software platform built on a unified code base to greatly simplify e-commerce fulfillment, store replenishment and wholesale distribution center operations.

We know that fulfillment requirements are becoming more complex every day. With customer expectations rising and cycle times getting shorter, your business is under continuous pressure to meet delivery schedules and protect profit margins. As you look for ways to improve efficiencies, automate manual processes and fully optimize fulfillment operations, you're left with an exceedingly complex environment.

That's why we took a clean-sheet approach to software development with Momentum: to help the industry address these escalating complexities. Our goal was not to be the first in the WES space, but to be the best. 

Instead of entering the market with a patchwork of custom software and machine controls, we set out to build a single platform that realized the full potential of a WES - one that offered unparalleled configurability, stability and extensibility to help you run your operations the way you know best.

With Momentum, the days of unsupportable, one-off customizations are replaced by predictable upgrade paths. Simply select from an ever-expanding list of robust modules to meet your requirements. 

Momentum delivers transformative benefits to fulfillment center operations: 

  • Improved equipment and space utilization
  • Increased throughput and labor productivity
  • On-time shipments with improved order accuracy
  • Reduced labor costs and requirements
  • Shortened cycle times and faster deliveries
  • Fewer customer returns and complaints

Matching the Speed of Commerce, Today and Tomorrow

Regardless of your business model or operational requirements, the speed of commerce is driving up fulfillment complexities across the board. This is especially true for traditional retailers entering the e-commerce arena that find consumers who expect nothing less than the same service levels they receive from online retail giants. This translates into shorter delivery windows and cycle times, more demanding service level agreements (SLAs), and an increasing variety of SKUs, order profiles and seasonal demands. 

Add in labor shortages, costs and productivity challenges, and you can see why many operators are beginning to introduce increasing levels of automation. Regardless of where you currently sit on the spectrum of manual and automated processes - or where you plan to be in 10 years - Momentum is designed to address these challenges and reduce the complexities of order fulfillment. 

  • Real-time allocation of resources to meet demand
  • Incisive visibility to orders in process
  • Seamless connection with host systems and fulfillment processes
  • Integration with disparate material handling equipment and automation systems

Unlike other WES offerings in the market today, Momentum is designed to be the cornerstone of a next-generation fulfillment infrastructure that delivers on the realization of the industrial internet of things (IIoT) connectivity, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

It starts with connecting DC assets through machine-level sensors that monitor system health and capture performance data. Then, by leveraging Honeywell Sentience, a cloud-based IIoT platform, this data can be transformed into insights that give businesses the operational intelligence to make informed decisions about how to drive efficiencies and improve profitability.

Most importantly, Momentum is designed to scale to meet the specific needs of your operations. And, if you're seeking to evolve your operations to incorporate increasing levels of automation, Momentum can help you seamlessly make that transition.

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