On The Move Pub Explores Fulfillment Strategies for a New Era

On The Move Pub Explores Fulfillment Strategies for a new Era
On The Move Pub Explores Fulfillment Strategies for a new Era

On The Move Pub Explores Fulfillment Strategies for a New Era

Protecting against worst-case scenarios and removing the elements of surprise are keys to success for companies in the distribution and fulfillment (D&F) sector. Distribution center (DC) operations are set up to achieve throughput rates that ensure their ability to deliver on established service level agreements (SLAs) — whether that’s managing typical, day-to-day operations or ramping up for peak season order volumes. For most companies across the omnichannel retail spectrum, 2020 brought both surprises and worst-case scenarios.

When we reflect upon the impacts that the global pandemic has had on the D&F supply chain, there’s no question that 2020 will be seen as an inflection point. Traditional DCs and omnichannel retailers suddenly found themselves in uncharted waters. Consumers embraced contact-less, online fulfillment options — across all retail sectors and many for the first time — to levels not previously anticipated for another five years. Not only did fulfillment operations have to quickly adapt to unexpected e-commerce acceleration, but they also had to implement new workplace safety measures aimed at improving worker confidence and well-being.

But while we can’t peer into a crystal ball and possibly know what’s coming next, we can expect that current e-commerce fulfillment expectations and order volumes are here to stay. For many companies, this means that peak season levels have become their new normal.

Fortify Your Operational Resilience

If we’ve learned anything from dealing with this year’s events, it’s that D&F companies will need to utilize all available tools, technologies and fulfillment strategies to improve their operational resilience — paying equal attention to enhancing workforce safety and driving peak productivity levels.

We’ve packed our latest issue of our On The Move publication with valuable information you can use to thrive in this unpredictable retail market. You’ll learn how:

  • Advanced automation technologies are integrating automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS), robotics and software to upgrade the core of DC fulfillment operations
  • Micro-fulfillment centers (MFCs) are emerging to play an expanded role in omnichannel retail strategies
  • To apply voice-directed technologies to enhance workplace safety and productivity
  • Companies are protecting their people and profits by embracing holistic operational and facility strategies
  • Labor management software can be leveraged to build a culture of safety and productivity
  • The business case for robotics is evolving with new technologies to give automated DCs an edge
  • DC simulation technologies can reduce risk and commissioning time while optimizing performance
  • Honeywell helps DC operators meet new social distancing and communications challenges
  • Connected lifecycle management strategies are enabling more predictable maintenance operations while adapting to new operational constraints

Download our On The Move publication to learn about the latest technologies and strategies for addressing new throughput requirements and workplace safety challenges.

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