Optimize Inventory Management With the Right WMS Software

Optimize Inventory Management With the Right WMS Software

Warehouse management system (WMS) software is a great option for improving warehouse efficiency when properly implemented. But it’s important to choose this kind of inventory management software wisely — and make sure you’re not paying for more than you need.

Why? Because WMS software is often overbuilt. As a result, many distribution center (DC) managers end up paying for a lot of bells and whistles they won’t ever use or need. Since many DCs only need a fraction of the capabilities off-the-shelf WMS software can provide, implementing a leading package is often cost-prohibitive.

Some DCs try to overcome cost limitations by building their own homegrown WMS software. Unfortunately, they quickly outgrow their own creations — while they continue to consume precious internal resources. In fact, homegrown system support can easily cost $200,000 per year. Any staff turnover risks the creation of additional support requirements, plus the unpredictable challenges that may come with training replacement staff and transferring this knowledge.

Finding the Balance

The introduction of Momentum WMS from Honeywell Intelligrated has created a practical middle ground between over-investment and resource-draining homegrown software. With more than 500 parameters that can be activated or deactivated quickly, Momentum WMS gives you the robust tools you need to transform your operation today, while providing the flexibility to adapt for years to come. You can literally change business processes and workflow logic with the click of a button — reducing your total cost of ownership (TCO) without expensive source code changes.

At its core, Momentum WMS provides all the standard capabilities you would expect, including inbound and outbound logistics, a robust inventory control system and resource management. The software can also scale on-demand, or be customized to your specific operation with capabilities like these:

  • Cross-docking
  • Cycle counting

Configurable business rules, parameters and user interface (UI)

  • Replenishment
  • Returns processing
  • System and user-directed put-away
  • Wave management

Multi-method picking

  • Integrations to upstream and downstream systems
  • Serial number tracking
  • Dock scheduling
  • Purchase order (PO) and ASN receiving
  • Kitting
  • Bill of material (BOM)

In addition, Momentum WMS uses cloud deployment to reduce your on-site hardware footprint and support costs. And with the software as a service (SaaS) option, you can save even more on your initial investment.

Improving Throughput Rates

No matter which inventory control system features make the most sense for your operation, Honeywell WMS offers a wide range of warehouse process improvements, such as:

  • 20% improvement in lines per hour (picking)
  • 35% improvement in lines per hour (put-away)
  • 2.9 days reduced inventory age
  • 25% increase in warehouse productivity
  • 13.5% increase in warehouse density

For example, the software supports capturing serial numbers during checking instead of picking. This eliminates inconvenience for the picking team, reducing picking time while improving throughput rates and overall work efficiency. Flexible checking can be performed using different units of measure (UOMs), and the WMS can automatically print the label and packing list when checking is completed.

On the loading dock, Honeywell WMS can streamline load check-ins by pallet or carton. Workers can scan the license plate number (LPN) to confirm the loading. The truck can be sealed with a serial number tag linked with the loading plan to prevent stolen merchandise, and the load can be closed after validation.

In addition, Momentum WMS can offer you even more flexibility and control when integrated with our warehouse execution software, Momentum WES, advanced capabilities like Decision Intelligence and a wide range of third-party systems. To learn more about Momentum WMS, visit our web page.

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