Webinar: Overcome DC Workforce Attrition With Labor Management Software

Webinar: Overcome DC Workforce Attrition With Labor Management Software

The labor crunch is not letting up in the distribution and fulfillment (D&F) sector. According to recent labor trends, more than 19 million workers in the U.S. have quit their jobs since April 2021. Last year, the warehousing and transportation industry surpassed a record 500,000 job openings, with nearly 70 percent of businesses reporting difficulty hiring skilled workers.

Throughout the broader labor market, the job openings rate is nearly 50 percent above pre-pandemic levels, with workforce participation rates declining by 4.7 million workers. In what’s being dubbed “the Great Attrition”, 40 percent of employees stated that they are at least somewhat likely to leave their current job in the next 3–6 months.

In response, companies are raising wages to attract new talent. Recent data from the Bureau for Labor Statistics shows that the hourly wages for non-supervisory employees in the warehouse and storage industry have broken the $20-per-hour barrier for the first time.

These troubling labor trends come at a time when retailers face historic rates of e-commerce adoption. As the demand for labor outpaces supply — and competition for labor has driven up wages — companies continue to struggle to find the workforce to handle escalating order volumes. Meanwhile, active job seekers enjoy a workers’ market, where companies compete for their services and they’re empowered to seek the best possible working environments.

In challenging DC workplace environments, simply raising wages is not enough to improve retention rates. To attract and retain top performers, D&F leaders and their distribution center (DC) operators are searching for new labor management tools, strategies and technologies.

Gain a competitive edge with LMS

Our next On The Move webinar, Overcome DC Workforce Attrition With Labor Management Software, will demonstrate how to leverage labor management software (LMS) to gain a competitive edge in this challenging labor market. Join us on Thursday, March 3 at 2 p.m. EST (11 a.m. PST) for a free, informative session that will help you to balance all variables of an increasingly complex labor equation.

Attendees will learn:

  • How LMS enables visibility to fulfillment execution
  • How built-in coaching and training capabilities drive continuous performance improvements
  • How to incentivize individual workers and teams to increase productivity levels
  • How to combine coaching, incentives and other LMS tools to improve employee retention rates

If you’re ready to learn how to reverse workforce attrition rates and create a more engaged workforce — and in the process, improve fulfillment productivity and other key performance indicators (KPIs) — then register now for our On The Move webinar. We’re excited to show you how LMS can help you to attract, train and retain a thriving DC workforce.

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