5 Ways a Resident Maintenance Program Increases Efficiency and Maintains Uptime

5 Ways a Resident Maintenance Program Increases Efficiency and Maintains Uptime

Today’s high-speed order fulfillment operations work prolonged hours to meet tight schedules and short order cycles, leaving little time for required repairs, preventive maintenance and benchmarking the relative health of a system.

Complex equipment, controls and software coupled with a shortage of well-qualified personnel, have led more and more facility managers to recognize the myriad benefits of a resident maintenance program. The program helps operations:

1.Solve maintenance staffing and training challenges

A resident maintenance program deploys fully-trained staff and adapts to changing maintenance requirements due to new equipment or seasonal spikes. The risk of losing equipment knowledge due to staff turnover is not a concern as the RM provider institutionalizes this information through a broad base of experts and databases.

2.Control, predict and reduce the cost of maintaining high-tech systems

As operations rely on increasingly complex systems to enable greater throughput, maintenance requirements increase, too. The program provides spare parts for quick repairs, a preventive maintenance schedule, plus instant access to OEM resources and engineering assistance.

3. Reap the benefits of a fully-integrated CMMS

computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) provides views of every facility asset throughout its lifecycle and enables system-wide maintenance planning, labor allocation and even individual machine-level monitoring to identify repetitive issues and cost of ownership. The system also shares data with WCS and ERP systems to predict system wear and optimize maintenance budgets and schedules.

4.Prioritize preventive maintenance

When operations run a lean internal maintenance team, preventive maintenance often falls by the wayside, leaving systems vulnerable to unplanned outages and underperforming equipment. A resident maintenance program includes a robust PM program to maximize capital equipment investments and ensure consistent uptime and throughput levels.

5.Breathe easy with contracted uptime

In order to meet important KPIs, operations require sustained uptime. A resident maintenance program contractually guarantees uptime of 97 percent or more. Furthermore, the ROI extends far beyond this number. With guaranteed uptime and maintenance taken care of, operational staff can focus on strategic planning and management functions.

For more information on resident maintenance programs, including real-world examples and information on ROI, read our new white paper, The Resident Maintenance Model.

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