Simplify Mobile Device Management

Simplify Mobile Device Management

Many organizations today utilize multiple mobile devices — from smartphones and tablets to hand-held scanners — each with a myriad of applications for different tasks and complex IT infrastructures, all of which are difficult and costly to maintain. These mobile solutions are built on different technology platforms that force companies into siloed provisioning and application support.  

According to VDC Research1, the average cost for IT staff to deploy just a single device is $700. Consider the cost of that device not being available for use during a shift. What about over the course of a year? A study from IDC2 reports that just one instance of device failure or unavailability per shift multiplied across a year can cost you $20,000 in annual support and productivity loss per mobile worker.

In our view, these costs are not only unacceptable but avoidable. It’s a technology minefield that needs fixing. 

Edging out device problems

Honeywell’s Mobility Edge™  delivers an innovative solution to these challenges. Mobility Edge is based upon extensive research gathered from Honeywell’s global community of customers from a range of technologies. Honeywell recognized the need for a unified hardware and software platform for all form factors — one that allowed for rapid deployments, robust performance, and adaptability to changing needs.

We completely rethought our approach to meeting the challenges of supporting a mobile workforce, and Mobility Edge was the answer. This unified, dynamic platform for mobile computing is designed to:

  • Accelerate deployments
  • Optimize business performance
  • Extend lifecycles
  • Strengthen security

Mobility Edge offers an integrated, repeatable, scalable approach to mobile device management that is based on a common hardware and software platform. Designed for Android™, it delivers a unified platform on which all software solutions are based. Businesses can develop and deploy faster while reducing development costs.

The Mobility Edge common platform is composed of:

  • Common SOM (System On Module), which includes the CPU, memory, WWAN (in selected devices), WLAN, Bluetooth®, near-field communication (NFC) and Zigbee (in selected devices)
  • Common operating system image with support for multiple generations of Android, from Android O through Android R
  • Common software ecosystem that includes not just Honeywell software, but also Honeywell-approved independent software vendors (ISVs)

Together, these common elements minimize your company’s cost, effort, and risk. They accelerate your time-to-value so you can start deploying devices into the hands of your mobile workers much faster. And they maximize your ROI by extending the lifecycle of your devices. By providing a unified hardware and software platform with an agile approach, we can bring you more secure and reliable solutions across your operation.

Your business on the edge — Mobility Edge, that is

Honeywell is deeply committed to the longevity and quality of the Mobility Edge platform as a pivotal way to help our customers achieve cost savings and operational efficiency. To learn more about the benefits Mobility Edge can bring to your business, read our comprehensive article.

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