That's a Wrap! Stack and Wrap Robotic Palletizing Cell for End-of-line Distribution and Fulfillment Processes

Stack and Wrap Robotic Palletizing Cell

The integration of a stretch wrapper with a robotic palletizing system provides consistent wrapping to protect foodbeverage and consumer products throughout the distribution network.

As robotic technology evolves to operate in unstructured environments and handle variability in packaging and products, it can offer an efficient solution for an increasing number of end-of-line processes. Case packing, palletizing and stretch wrapping in particular are prime candidates for the superior repeatability, precision and throughput of robotic process automation.

The unique design of the stack and wrap robotic palletizing cell helps customers address challenges like unstable or difficult-to-handle products, workplace safety and limited floor space. As it builds the pallet load, the stack and wrap solution incrementally stretch wraps the load in one of several customizable configurations for increased stability and higher sustained throughput. Intelligrated partners with a wide range of wrapper suppliers to ensure seamless integration into your facility.

The highly configurable system also integrates the palletizing cell and turntable stretch wrapper onto a single control system, permitting a single operator to monitor multiple functions. This combined functionality reduces operator training and allows a single employee to supervise both operations, enabling continuous production and execution.

For more information on robotic applications, including a complete list of robotic alternatives to well-known manual processes, download the Intelligrated white paper, "The robots are coming: robotic material handling applications in distribution and fulfillment centers." 

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