Strengthen Your Critical Path With Performance Optimization Consulting

Strengthen Your Critical Path With Performance Optimization Consulting

In today’s competitive distribution and fulfillment (D&F) sector, keeping automation systems optimized to meet consumer demands is essential. That’s especially true when it comes to your critical path: the systems or subsystems that are most vital to your operational success.

Optimizing your critical path can unlock a multitude of business benefits. However, getting there requires a careful look at every one of its components. Honeywell Intelligrated can help through performance optimization consulting (POC): a targeted lifecycle management process that evaluates and offers suggestions to improve your critical path’s operation, with the goal of maximizing warehouse throughput and efficiency.

The POC process involves three phases, and we’ll explore each of them in turn. But first, it’s essential to establish which system or systems form your critical path.

Identifying the need for performance optimization

Typically, the primary goal of engaging in a POC process is to optimize your material handling equipment (MHE) system so that it can run at maximum capacity while providing reliable and efficient operation. Naturally, every organization has its own specific reasons:

  • To validate that the MHE system is running as originally designed or specified
  • To fine-tune systems to meet changing business or throughput requirements or MHE modifications such as the addition of induction points
  • To support internal quality assurance (QA) initiatives and validate proper system maintenance

Once we confirm that your operation is a good candidate for POC, you’re ready to get started.

Phase 1: Mechanical Assessment

The first step toward optimization of your distribution center’s critical path is a detailed mechanical and electrical assessment of each component within that path. These components typically experience frequent, prolonged use; over time, they tend to suffer from declining efficacy. During this phase, Honeywell Intelligrated’s POC team evaluates current system performance and identifies any mechanical deficiencies. (Note: some system segments might require planned downtime for proper evaluation.)

Phase 2: Correction and Repairs

After identifying any mechanical deficiencies, we determine whether your MHE vendor or internal maintenance team should conduct any necessary corrective actions. We also identify and locate the parts to complete any repairs. We then work closely with your site managers to schedule required downtime and complete those repairs.

Phase 3: Software Optimization and New Performance Baselines

Finally, our POC software engineers conduct sprint tests to establish a baseline and measure key performance indicators (KPIs) for the critical path during peak conditions. Then, we calibrate software and controls to optimize the MHE along the critical path and conduct a second sprint test to validate performance improvements. Based on that data, we create a new baseline performance standard and refresh system documentation for use in ongoing maintenance and performance evaluations.

Helping you to make the most of your critical path

Getting the most out of your critical path isn’t easy. It’s a complicated process, one that’s quite literally full of moving parts. But partnering with an expert — one who can manage the whole journey for you — can make the process easier.

Honeywell Intelligrated provides support across the entire spectrum, from on-site, resident support technicians to parts management and connected technologies for predictive analytics.

Optimization is a continuous process that benefits from a long-term partnership. After all, your critical path is likely to change or need continued adjustments in response to changes or growth in your facilities, operations or industry. Honeywell Intelligrated can help you to keep you critical path optimized in the months and years ahead.

Take a deep dive into our white paper to learn more about the benefits of optimizing your critical path with Honeywell Intelligrated.

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