Give Throughput and Accuracy the Green Light With Pick-to-light Automation

Give Throughput and Accuracy the Green Light With Pick-to-light Automation

Picking processes have a tremendous impact on the core business of distribution centers. It’s estimated that more than 50 percent of warehouse operational costs can be attributed to picking — quite possibly because picking processes are among the most labor-intensive, critical tasks shared by fulfillment operations.

Ineffective picking processes can contribute to inaccurate product fulfillment and high return rates. To offset these challenges, many distribution center (DC) operators are accelerating their picking processes with pick-to-light systems

Given the multitude of automated picking technologies available today, how do you know when it’s time to give pick-to-light technology the green light in your DC? Consider the following criteria when evaluating your fulfillment processes: 

  • Are you a handling a long tail of inventory?
  • Are your order fillers walking throughout order fulfillment tasks?
  • Are you increasing labor along with demand?
  • Would you benefit from dynamic shelf space optimization?
  • Has mitigating the costs of handling returns become a greater priority?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, pick-to-light solutions may help ease your e-commerce fulfillment pressures. A pick-to-light solution can improve accuracy and productivity for DCs of all sizes and types.

DC operators are always looking for opportunities to increase productivity. One of the most critical impacts of pick-to-light processes lies in the utilization of batch orders. When a large volume of like items is grouped into a batch, pick-to-light automation allows order fillers to pick one time for multiple orders. In addition, the single-touch confirmation of pick-to-light automation drives higher productivity. Multi-colored lights allow order fillers to share the same pick zones without overlapping. 

Adapt to changing e-commerce demands

It takes the combined power of hardware and intuitive software — such as Momentum from Honeywell Intelligrated — to bring this powerful solution to life. In addition, The Connected Distribution Center from Honeywell Intelligrated offers DC operators the highest levels of flexibility and productivity as their e-commerce expectations change and grow. 

Deliver efficiency and accuracy

Regardless of order profiles and inventory size, pick-to-light systems can quickly adapt and scale to your changing needs. Intuitive tools give managers the abilities to proactively eliminate bottlenecks and handle surges in volume. 

As the unique challenges of fulfillment continue to affect DCs, those who cannot capitalize on higher levels of productivity and accuracy could be at a significant competitive disadvantage. Read our brochure to learn how you could integrate our flexible pick-to-light technologies into your operations.  

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