Top 3 challenges facing Parcel and Post facilities globally

Top 3 challenges facing Parcel and Post facilities globally

Over the past decade, the parcel and post sector has been transformed through the incredibly rapid rise in digital alternatives to conventional correspondence, personal and business, and the impact of the IoT on billing, advertising, news dissemination and the explosive growth of e-commerce. The global Covid pandemic has only increased the pace at which this transformation has taken place. 

All these developments have led to an increase in parcel volumes, aggressive delivery timelines and a wide range of other, unprecedented postal processing challenges. 

At Honeywell, we’ve identified the three challenges that many of our customers have highlighted to us and that we’re committed to finding solutions for. 

Challenge #1: Increasing throughput while keeping costs low

The explosive growth of e-commerce has exposed major system and process limitations in the post and parcel industry, leaving existing infrastructure and processes struggling to accommodate increased throughput and performance demands. 

It is only through automation that facilities can meet current and future order fulfillment demands cost-effectively.

Challenge # 2: Vast variety of packaging sizes and types

One of the biggest challenges facilities are currently facing is the vast variety of packaging sizes and types being processed that cause problems for conveyors and other sorting equipment. This then negatively impacts sorting accuracy, speed and ultimate throughput of a facility. 

Facilities are now looking for conveying and sortation solutions that can adjust to changing demands. For instance, sliding shoe sorters or cross belt sorters can now handle a variety of package types including polybags, soft packs, totes and other odd-sized items gently and without causing delays or slower processing times. 

Challenge # 3: Expanding facilities to meet demand

In addition to the vast variety of package types, post and parcel facilities need to contend with ever-increasing volumes that need to be processed cost-effectively and efficiently. Time is money. 

The increase in package deliveries, mainly attributed to an increase in e-Commerce, has been dramatic and put immense pressure on the ability of facilities to maintain or improve throughput speed and efficiency.

To meet this increased demand, many facilities have been racing to expand their operations to ensure that they are able to maintain and increase throughput during seasonal spikes and long-term volume growth. Scalability is a priority as facilities are expected to offer accurate throughput as cost-effectively as possible. Facilities are now looking for smart conveying and sortation solutions that can adjust to changing demand.

We can help

Honeywell enables facilities to achieve peak operational performance, even during peak demand, with modular and scalable solutions designed to address the seemingly insurmountable challenges plaguing the industry. 

For more information, please read our Improving EMEA Post and Parcel Operations with Automation white paper and feel free to reach out to the Honeywell EMEA team to find out more about how we can tailor a solution to help you optimise your Parcel and Post Facility. 

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