belt curve conveyor
belt curve conveyor


Virtual Conference to Showcase Industry-Leading Solutions

Whether you’re moving cartons, totes, mailers, envelopes or airport baggage, the pressure to increase throughput and efficiency is constant. And labor is increasingly scarce. While organizations of every size are feeling the strain, the demands of today’s market are particularly challenging for smaller operations.

End users and system integrators are meeting these challenges with high-performance conveyor curves and modular sortation systems built with reliable and robust TRANSNORM quality. Join us at ProMatDX, April 12–16 2021, to learn how TRANSNORM modules can save you significant energy, maintenance costs, and downtime, reducing your total lifecycle costs by approximately 30%.

Featured solutions at our virtual booth will include:

Belt Curves — The Industry’s “Gold Standard”

With a global install base of more than 150,000 units, the reliability and robust nature of TRANSNORM’s flagship belt curve range is known and recognized worldwide as the industry standard and definitive market leader. TRANSNORM belt curve conveyors boost efficiencies at parcel hubs, distribution centers, smaller courier and express sites, and e-commerce fulfillment locations on five continents, and their reach extends to over 300 airports globally — including every one of the top 30.

In this session, you’ll learn how TRANSNORM belt curve conveyors deliver measurable results for integrators and end customers, providing industry-leading speed with the quietest operation on the market, plus considerably reduced lifecycle costs.

TRANSNORM Sorting Modules (TSM)

Designed to overcome the 21st century challenges faced by smaller sites, TSM provides integrators and end users with flexible, scalable sortation solutions  that increase efficiency and maximize space optimization. These reliable and robust modules can handle even the smallest dispatch bags or cardboard boxes while operating at extremely low switching times. Even a single unit can provide throughput of up to 6,000 pph, providing a reliable sorting solution and degree of automation without the upfront investment and space required to install a sorter.

Industry-Leading Conveyor Modules and Lifecycle Services

You know TRANSNORM for world-renowned belt curve conveyors, but that’s just one of the many innovative, value-adding conveyor modules and solutions that can give you an edge over today’s competition. Designed and refined in close collaboration with some of the world’s leading blue-chip companies, this innovative portfolio of game-changing conveyor modules and solutions is custom-tailored for the needs of today’s material-handling operations.

TRANSNORM belt and roller sortation modules cover timing, alignment, merging, sorting and line-splitting functions. These modules are scalable and standardized to work seamlessly in unison, delivering a measurable difference in terms of productivity and efficiency. They can be applied to sites ranging in size from smaller express centers sorting 2,000 parcels per hour to larger distribution centers and hubs processing over 50,000 parcels per hour.

This broad offering is backed by world-class Lifecycle Support Services , ensuring that your smart solutions deliver a lifetime of quality and reliability. These include technical services to ensure maximum utilization, direct and remote training programs, a world-class replacement parts fulfilment operation, and hassle-free access to expert technical support whenever you need it.

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