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Turn Data Into Action

Business Intelligence Comes to Maintenance Management

What if you could reduce your spare parts inventory by as much as 15 percent? Your business can achieve this and more by investing in a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS), which can help you lower costs by capturing historical data and then making smarter parts stocking decisions based on usage trends. 

With Honeywell Intelligrated’s CMMS, you can streamline workload and staffing projections based on data from other installations and recommended service intervals. Furthermore, integration with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts databases enables automated stock replenishment, ensuring parts availability without storing excess inventory.

Extract Higher Value From Your Maintenance Data 

Our CMMS actively manages and executes maintenance functions, automatically scheduling work orders as key performance indicators (KPIs) hit preset measurement thresholds. To support this level of automation, its installation starts with importing data from existing database libraries and can require setting up more than 200 functions in the system, including root cause analysis, mean time to failure and measurement thresholds to trigger actions. 

After the system has been set up to effectively analyze data, the CMMS leaves no part of your maintenance process unassisted, with up-to-date spare parts pricing and a full suite of features to help both business managers and technicians work more efficiently. Workers will receive automated phone or email alerts based on predetermined asset conditions. Our CMMS also can:

  • Assign tasks based on an individual technician’s expertise and location within the facility
  • Prevent technicians from switching between different technology platforms by hosting product manuals, preventive maintenance procedures and federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) compliance metrics all in one place 
  • Enable technicians to work without delays or interruptions
  • Catalog consistent process improvement, automatically updating compliance modules, procedures and work orders with best practices gleaned from other sites throughout the vendor’s installation network
  • Justify asset replacement based on total cost of reporting through the data the CMMS gathers against wear and performance guidelines from OEMs

Honeywell Intelligrated’s CMMS also supports multi-site implementations but adds an extra layer of complexity due to the importance of a scalable, consistent framework to enable comparisons and data sharing between facilities. It will be critical for you to ensure standardization and consistency of your data to deliver maximum effectiveness and obtain actionable insights from your KPIs and business intelligence reporting. 

Turning maintenance data into action requires extensive data input with proper organization and workflows. Once implemented, however, business intelligence-driven process improvements will yield ongoing financial benefits and enhance operations. Learn more about how our CMMS reduces costs for spare parts and five steps you can take to help you successfully implement it into your maintenance program. 

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