Unlock Your DC’s Hidden Potential

Unlock Your DC’s Hidden Potential

Today’s distribution centers (DCs) are grappling with several challenges, including aging equipment, labor and skill shortages, and limited visibility into business operations, to name a few. But in many cases, the solutions to these and other common challenges can be found hidden in the millions of data points generated by operations daily. Armed with these insights, even small increases in productivity and cost savings can significantly impact bottom lines in less than a year.

The On The Move series continues with How Incremental Improvements Can Reduce Your Cost per Case Shipped, a webinar hosted by innovative product leaders from Honeywell Intelligrated and Honeywell Forge. Incremental changes can quickly add up to substantial cost savings. And with Honeywell Forge Connected Warehouse, you’ll find that making those changes has never been easier.

Go From Manual Cost Center to Digital Distributor

Honeywell Forge Connected Warehouse is an advanced enterprise performance management (EPM) software solution that combines data from islands of automation and separate software tools. This asset-based operational system of record provides operations and maintenance teams with a digital assistant to optimize DC labor, maintenance and operations. The platform is designed to help DCs unlock hidden potential, prevent unplanned downtime, and graduate from manual cost centers to digital distributors.

We know that amid the uncertainty of the present supply chain, businesses simply cannot afford costly downtime and disruptions. With its ability to be implemented quickly and easily, Honeywell Forge Connected Warehouse eliminates the need for an expensive “rip-and-replace” project or downtime.

The platform is designed to integrate multiple systems and assets — even if they’re not from Honeywell. As a result, Honeywell Forge Connected Warehouse can use an operation’s existing equipment to identify key areas of focus, leverage existing assets, and create new capabilities.

Get Connected

Honeywell Forge Connected Warehouse drives portfolio-wide savings across multiple operations by providing consolidated performance metrics, actionable alerting and smart decision-making recommendations. In turn, your operations and maintenance teams can anticipate and better prevent unplanned downtime while improving the utilization of systems in real time.

If you missed the live webinar, you can listen to it on-demand to learn more about the enhanced throughput, cost, time and labor savings you can achieve with Honeywell Forge Connected Warehouse. For more exclusive communications and updates, subscribe to the Honeywell Intelligrated blog.