Your Data May Be Hiding Millions in Potential Savings

Your Data May Be Hiding Millions in Potential Savings

While most distribution centers (DC) have systems of record for inventory, transportation assets inside the building and so on, there typically is no system of record that consolidates islands of data to measure, analyze and run complex operations. Insights that could be gleaned from this valuable operation-related data are largely lost. As a result, DCs are missing opportunities to avoid downtime and improve the utilization of their systems in real time throughout the day.

Why does this matter for DCs? Because many common challenges can be solved with connected data from their systems. This data, which your DC already generates every minute of the day, can enable significant potential savings.

Businesses with multiple distribution & fulfillment centers critical to meeting customer demands in retail have an opportunity to lower their costs which we have observed could be a savings of close to $250,000* for one site. Ecommerce and post & parcel distribution center networks may be able to achieve even greater annual savings as these DCs make use of more assets compared to retail.

Identifying Hidden Opportunities

To leverage the full potential of DC data, Honeywell Forge is building on established Honeywell solutions, including the Connected Assets offering, to create a complete EPM solution**. Purpose-built on a native edge-to-cloud platform, this data-driven architecture is designed specifically to provide a complete, real-time picture of your entire operation.

This architecture provides a current system of record, eliminating the need to make decisions based on data that’s several days old. Honeywell EPM** will enable DCs to see what’s happening across every connected process and make determinations about operations and flow. The platform will also provide alarms and notifications across assets in critical operational activities.

The initial release, due later this year, will focus on two key areas:

  • Honeywell Forge Site Operations — Including visualization across systems, operational rate and flow analytics, labor utilization and inventory analytics, plus alarms and notifications.
  • Honeywell Forge Asset Performance Management — Predictive maintenance, asset availability and health, just-in-time maintenance, and centralized control.

To learn more, read the article “Benefit From the Data You’re Already Creating” in the latest issue of On The Move, our free digital periodical packed with insights to help you unleash your DC’s full potential. You’ll discover how an EPM strategy can offer a significant resource for reliability and turnaround planning. You’ll also learn how your operation can quickly reap the benefits of EPM.

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* Results listed are based on savings observed from a single retail customer site using Honeywell Forge Site Operations and Asset Sentinel over a 12-month period, from 2020 to 2021.

** The initial release of Honeywell EPM is due later this year. The offering is not yet commercially available.

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