2024 Industrial Hygiene Awards

2024 Industrial Hygiene Awards Blog Announcement

Three Honeywell Products Win Titles in The Fourth Annual OH&S Industrial Hygiene Awards

Honeywell won 3 Winner titles in the 2024 Occupational Health & Safety Magazine Industrial Hygiene Awards. The awards recognize the excellent product development efforts of health and safety manufacturers whose products or services are especially remarkable in enhancing industrial hygiene. This year’s competition received entries in 21 award categories, with an independent group of highly qualified judges selecting the winners.


Winner: Honeywell Flextril™ Nitrile Chemical Gloves

Honeywell Flextril is the hand protection solution providing fivefold performance – high chemical protection, reliable cut resistance, great wet and dry grip, enhanced dexterity and improved comfort.


•         Superior chemical and cut protection: cut protection level A/A1 and C/A3

•         Honeywell Super Grip Technology provides excellent grip performance,

•         Ergonomic design delivers high-performance, hand support and comfort,

•         Perspiration is reduced to a large extent with Honeywell Moisture Dispersion Technology

•         Printed QR code allows you to have chemical performance data at your fingertips.


Winner: Honeywell Morning Pride Ben 3 Lightweight Structural Helmet

The Ben 3 Plus features:

  •       Shell height reduced by 20mm
  •       Light Weight EZ-FLIPS™
  •       High density rigid foam inside shell with added layer of protection
  •       Proprietary shell material that provides outstanding heat protection with 39% more resistance
    to impact penetration than conventional fiberglass material

Winner: Honeywell Salisbury PrismShield™ Plus Arc Flash Head & Face Protection

The innovative design of the NEW PrismShield™ Plus face shield provides even clearer vision for workers.

  • A new nanoparticle-coating allows for enhanced color differentiation and improves light transmittance,
  • Double curved lens provides superior optical performance and greatly reduces eyestrain,
  • 3 times more scratch resistant than the original PrismShield™ lens for an extended product life
  • User comfort is heightened by a venting system allowing fresh air in from the bottom and moisture to escape from the top,

·       Compliant with ASTM F2178, ANSI Z87.1, and NFPA 70E