How to Care for Fall Protection Harnesses

How to Care for Fall Protection Harnesses

Just as work garments, harnesses can get dirty. Cleaning your fall protection equipment will prolong its life and contribute towards maintaining the performance of the product. Here are some useful tips on how to do it safely.

Manual washing

1.           Use a non-abrasive, non-corrosive solution. Bleach, chlorine or abrasives can cause damage. Honeywell’s suggestion for a cleaner is using a mild soap or detergent in a water solution.

2.           Make sure the solution is not too soapy, as too much soap can make the product feel tacky to the touch.

3.           Never use an acid solvent, or any solvent-based product on the harness, as it could ruin the material and affect the integrity of the product, making it unsafe to use.

4.           To begin cleaning the harness, wipe off any loose particles with a cloth.

5.           Once the loose particles are removed, take the cleaning solution and place it on a non-abrasive sponge and work it into the material using back and forth motion, rigorously creating a lather.

6.           After scrubbing the harness with the solution make sure to thoroughly rinse the solution from the fabric using plain water. Do not soak the harness, as soaking it can damage the material.

7.           After rinsing, blot the extra moisture away using a lint-free cloth. Let the harness hang without folds in the material and air dry in an environment where there is no excessive heat, away from direct sunlight.

8.           Do not machine dry.

9.           Use the harness after it is fully dried.

10.        Do not store the equipment wet.

Machine washing advice

For customers who want to wash Miller harnesses and webbing lanyards in commercial washing machines, we do not recommend it. Machine washing may cause fading and softening of the webbing and may reduce the useful service life of the product. Be sure to inspect your washed products thoroughly before use.