See the Difference: Introducing UVEX Avatar™ Plus Protective Eyewear

There are eye hazards in almost every industry. But most eye injuries happen in manufacturing, construction, trade, production and service occupations, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. OSHA’s standard 29 CFR 1910.133 requires employers to give employees proper eye and face protection whenever necessary to protect against mechanical, chemical, environmental or radiological dangers and risks. However, many workplace eye injuries that need medical treatment are due to employees who do not use eye protection or use the wrong kind for the job.

Honeywell’s new UVEX Avatar™ Plus is a complete range of protective eyewear that combines modern style features, ease of use and the latest technology advancements. Honeywell is now your trusted one-stop shop for your eye protection needs. Whether over-the-glasses (OTG), goggles, or spectacles, Avatar™ Plus serves the needs of different industries, such as manufacturing, construction, utilities, and oil and gas. This eyewear helps protect against various occupational hazards such as dust, airborne particles, liquids and impact. The collection also offers smooth integration with other Honeywell personal protective equipment (PPE), which also simplifies the purchasing process. 

A clear advantage of the Avatar™ Plus family is its HydroShield® anti-fog patented technology. It helps ensure fog-free vision in diverse and challenging working conditions. This revolutionary coating is permanently bonded to the lens for long-lasting durability that won’t wash off after extended wear or repeated washings. It’s built to safeguard against dust, airborne particles and liquid splash or to help protect in case of impact. The dual-action HydroShield® anti-fog lens coating provides more than 20X longer-lasting fog-free performance – even after extended wear and repeated cleanings – and provides greater scratch-resistance* than regular anti-fog coating. 


When it comes to PPE, the better users feel wearing them, the greater the user efficiency. The lightweight design coupled with ease of use and multiple personalization features make Avatar™ Plus a comfortable and highly functional choice of eye protection.

Avatar™ Plus spectacles are ideal for workers who need a fog-free layer of eye protection. The contoured shape helps keep dust away and a wide range of lenses and tints are available. The spectacles also cater to individuals with visual impairments, with available diopters ranging from +1.5 to +3.0. The soft material of the nose bridge along with interchangeable lenses enhance functionality and ensure that workers feel confident and comfortable. Workers can choose from ten different replacement lenses in various tints and coatings. The wrap-around, nine-base lens style enables uncompromised peripheral vision for complete visibility, increased awareness and peace of mind on the job.

Avatar™ Plus goggles offer a contemporary and lightweight design, enhancing protection, performance and comfort. Available with clear lens tints and an easy, economical lens-replacement system.

Avatar™ Plus Over-the-Glasses (OTG) fit comfortably over prescription eyewear. They feature a floating nose pad and flexible temple design that add comfort while helping reduce pressure on the wearer’s face. Furthermore, the soft padding at the brow helps mitigate the severity of injuries in case of impact. 


The UVEX Avatar™ Plus family of eyewear delivers when it comes to worker acceptance and wearer usability thanks to a stylish design approach in line with today’s trends. Highlighting the emphasis on style is the subtle green frame color that also serves as a visual indicator, making it easier for supervisors to ensure workers comply with safety protocols. Featuring a sporty look and a comfortable feel, this family of eyewear is all about enhancing worker well-being and productivity.

Committed to helping enhance worker safety, Honeywell’s UVEX Avatar™ Plus is not just eyewear – it’s a complete solution for eye safety.

*Comparative lens life test performed using a Bayer Abrasion Test method; results may vary in different environments and applications.