Systevo Bed Units and Handsets

Systevo Bed Units and Handsets

The Systevo bed units and Systevo Call Easy (M) handsets have been developed in cooperation with caregivers: all functions have been optimised for use by patients and residents of all ages and also by caregivers. The design focuses on improved comfort and ergonomics to achieve our goal of making them easier to use for patients. The Systevo bed units and Systevo Call Easy are part of Systevo Call Ackermann, the intelligent care communication platform for modern care facilities.

The innovative Systevo magnetic plug system represents the key element of the future-oriented Systevo device generations for use with resident and patient beds. Handheld devices are connected to the bed units preferably using the magnetic plug system, which is designed for high robustness, a large number of plug-in operations and long-term availability!

To meet the requirements of the latest hygiene standards in care facilities, all components of Systevo Call Ackermann products are optimally matched, tested for cleaning or wipe disinfection and approved by hygiene laboratories (alcohols, aldehydes, quaternary ammonium compounds). In addition, the plastics used contain antimicrobial additives to reduce the reproduction of hazardous microorganisms. Thanks to the auto-release magnetic plug system, the robust device design and the fulfilment of high hygiene requirements, the new Systevo generation of devices guarantees a long product life time.

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