Where Understanding Electric Current Is Critically Important, So Are Current Sensors

Where Understanding Electric Current Is Critically Important, So Are Current Sensors

From robotics and electric vehicles to healthcare devices and consumer electronics, the ability to measure current is an important element where electric power current needs to be monitored and managed. This information is critical for power metering, control system measurement and diagnosis, load control, charge integration, fault detection in machinery, and to help safeguard against surges. 

Honeywell understands your electrification challenges and offers technical innovations to help you meet them. We make it easy for you to choose the right current sensors for your applications, and then you can optimize their value for your operation. Our sensors offer specifications for greater efficiency and productive life. Enhanced accuracy and durability are built into each one, improving output and endurance to help reduce expenditures and operational costs while offering more safety for your workers as well as your equipment. 

Our wide variety of current sensors range from digital output detectors sensing a few hundred milliamps to linear sensors monitoring over one thousand amps in devices incorporating different sensing technologies, fast response times, minimum energy dissipation, built-in temperature compensation, and reliability. Choose from Hall-effect sensors, magnetic sensors, and flux gate sensors for a variety of use-cases from monitoring motor currents and power distribution systems to helping to ensure battery efficiency and protecting against current overloads. 

Applicable for many industries -- automotive, aerospace, renewable energy, consumer electronics, motor control, industrial automation, or many others – your current sensor applications could benefit from our sensors’ precision, reliability, and versatility combined with cost-competitive operation. They’ll help keep your equipment running smoothly – and safely – with the confidence in their performance you can expect from a global leader in sensors with decades of engineering expertise. 

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