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Submit iOS App

Prior to submitting your app to the Apple App Store:

Your iOS app must be added to the appropriate Honeywell iOS product plan (Apple will reject your iOS app until you have completed this step).

To add your app to the iOS product plan, you must complete and submit the below form.

You will receive a confirmation email from Honeywell immediately following your submission.

Your iOS app information will be reviewed and submitted to Apple for inclusion in Honeywell's iOS product plan within 72 hours of submission.

You will receive a confirmation from Honeywell that your app has been successfully added to the product plan by Apple, at which point you may then submit to the App Store. (Please note, If you try to submit to the App Store before receiving the confirmation from Honeywell, Apple will reject your App.)

If you have questions related to app development for Honeywell's enterprise sleds or the Captuvo Sl22, please refer to the
Developer's FAQ.


Fill out the form below to have your app added to Honeywell's product plan