Maintenance and Inspection

Transform Your Operations With Voice Guidance

Every Minute Spent Fixing Critical Equipment Reduces Productivity

What’s more, all maintenance, inspections and repairs in regulated industries must meet precise standards and documentation requirements. With Honeywell voice technology for maintenance and inspection guiding a technician step by step, operational disruptions are minimized, documentation is automated, and compliance is assured.

Companies with high-value assets like aircraft engines or truck fleets face significant expenses and compliance requirements for maintenance, inspections and repairs. Many of these organizations today still use paper processes, which remain inefficient and inaccurate. All too often, they lead to downstream rework and unnecessary operational disruptions that cost businesses time and money. Honeywell voice technology for maintenance and inspection solves that by providing clear, step-by-step directions to technicians in fast-paced and physically demanding environments. This makes it easier to follow standard procedures, document the condition of equipment, and confirm when each step of a process has been completed — all in real time. What’s more, Honeywell voice technology frees up technicians’ hands and eyes so that they can focus on their tasks and comply with safety procedures. It also helps organizations to onboard technicians quickly, streamline record keeping, and can make technicians available sooner for other tasks.

ABP2 series group image
ABP2 series group image

Maintenance and Inspection: Transform Your Operations With Voice Guidance

Learn how voice technology can reduce downtime in your operations.

The Honeywell Voice Product Line Features a Robust Suite of Solutions:

SRX3 Wireless Headset

Featuring the next generation in Bluetooth® wireless headset technology, the SRX3 Wireless Headset raises the standard in mobile workforce ergonomics, productivity and accuracy while enabling voice-directed workflow efficiencies.

A700x Series

  • A730x – ideal for applications such as tote or purchase order induction
  • A720x – includes two industrial-grade, break-away TCO connectors
  • A710x – suited for voice-only workflows in environments where operators use Bluetooth-enabled headsets and peripherals

Enhance Warehouse Safety Protocols

Amid growing health concerns and increased e-commerce demand, voice technology is enhancing worker safety protocols. Manage social distancing, enable contact tracing, and communicate cleaning instructions while using the same voice technology to boost productivity and accuracy. Learn how you can improve warehouse safety while managing increased demands with Honeywell voice technology.

Calculating the ROI of Voice Picking

Voice-enabled technologies enable workers to execute tasks in the simplest ways possible. Designed for ergonomics and usability, voice technology eliminates distractions and allows a worker to focus on the tasks of picking and packing. This approach increases productivity and throughput and significantly reduces order picking errors. Learn more about how Honeywell voice technology can improve ROI in your DC or warehouse operations.

Learn How Voice Technology Can Reduce Downtime in Your Operations

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