Order Picking Technology Hero Image
Order Picking Technology Hero Image

Order Picking Technology

Grip and Pick at Throughput Rates of 600 Items per Hour With Automated Robotic Piece-picking Technology

Robotic Each Picking Boosts Speed and Efficiency

AI-powered autonomous robots use sophisticated gripping and vision technology to augment your human workforce in each order picking applications. Integrated in collaboration with Soft Robotics, these picking robots are able to grasp objects with dexterity comparable to the human hand, retrieving, sorting and fulfilling orders at rates of more than 600 picks per robot per hour. 

  • Cutting-edge visual recognition enables robots to pick from heterogenous or homogenous bins of product with little or no human supervision 
  • Supplied in collaboration with the leading provider of soft robotic gripping technology and solutions
  • Soft robotic gripper grasps a wide variety of products and shapes
  • Workers can handle exceptions remotely via a simple user interface