Fall Protection Kits

Miller Titan™ Harness/Lanyard Combos

Miller Titan™ Harness/Lanyard Combos

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Titan™ Non-Stretch Harness attached to shock-absorbing lanyard or positioning and restraint lanyard combo.

Added Protection
Tubular Shock-Absorbing Lanyards feature a built-in woven inner core which smoothly expands to reduce fall arrest forces: while the outer jacket serves as a back-up web lanyard.

Comfort & Safety
Pack-Type Shock-Absorbing Lanyards include the shock absorber pack: in the event of a fall: the pack expands to reduce fall arrest forces while a back-up safety strap deploys for added fall protection.

Features & Benefits:
Titan Full Body Non-Stretch Harnesses
  • Lightweight: durable webbing for all day comfort and dependability
  • Sliding back D-ring Sub-pelvic strap
  • Trilingual labeling and instructions
Titan Shock-Absorbing Lanyards
  • Lightweight: durable webbing
  • Locking snap & rebar hooks
  • Two-legged models available for continuous tie-off
Titan Restraint
  • Restraint lanyards are to be used for restraint only and are not to be used for fall protection