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Face Shields

Faceshield Headgear

Faceshield Headgear

Basic: simple-to-use headgear with features for all applications of use. A protected mounting system helps eliminate fluids from entering the backside of the faceshield: while an unprotected mounting system offers quick visor replacement. Available with the patented SmoothLok ratchet system or a basic pinlock adjustment system.

Features & Benefits:
  • Patented non-slip ratchet system is easy to use and offers precise size adjustments.
  • The SmoothLok ratchet is available on the KHG4001 and KHG5001 headgear and on the following hard hats: The Matterhorn: Summit: Everest: K2 series and The Peak A69R: A79R.
  • Accepts a wide range of faceshield styles
  • Large sparkguard provides excellent protection
  • Cross strap adjusts to allow an exceptional fit
  • Full floating mount sparkguard provides comfortable wear even with heavy faceshield and continuous use
  • 4000 Series comes with quick-change system for holding faceshield
  • 5000 Series comes with protected holding system for faceshield to help reinforce splash protection to inside of the faceshield
  • PHG Series comes with pinlock adjustment
  • KHG Series comes with SmoothLok ratchet adjustment for quick: easy and perfect fit