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Face Shields



Tough faceshield protection with PresLock or Ratchet suspension adjustable headgear. Fits most commonly used visors.

Features & Benefits:
  • Constructed of tough thermoplastic for superior heat protection.
  • Designed with a chemical splash drip edge to prevent fluids from splashing down inside the visor.
  • Easy sizing and tension adjustment for individual visor positioning .
  • Visors easily attach with no snaps: posts or levers.
  • Available with ratchet headband with tension knob that allows easy sizing and adjustment for individual visor positioning.
  • Available with pinlock headband that provides adjustments similar to a baseball cap.
  • Available in propionate: polycarbonate and acetate for a variety of environments.
  • Popular industry sizes and thicknesses.
  • Easy attachment without snaps: posts or levers: reinforced edge to resist cracking.
  • Universal hole pattern allows the use of Sperian visors with other popular manufacturers’ headgear.
  • Aluminum bound acetate replacement visors form easily for a contoured: customized fit.