Electronic Earmuffs


Play it. Safe.

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Electo combines the entertainment benefit of our FM Radio earmuff with advanced sound amplification technology that allows wearers to hear important communications – other co-workers: alarms and important warning signals – at a safely amplified level: while listening to the radio. Positioned microphones provide more natural: directional hearing. Through advanced response technology: Electo amplifies incoming sounds to 82dB: then acts as a passive earmuff for sounds above 85dB.

Features & Benefits:

  • Volume Management Technology manages output volume from portable audio devices at 82 dBA
  • Provides ideal protection from most low to medium hazardous noise levels
  • Ideal for use at work and at home Productivity
  • No volume knobs or power switches to coordinate nor batteries to replace
  • Includes 3.5mm input cable: plugs into most MP3 players: mobile phones: and other personal audio devices
  • Technologically advanced acoustical bass chamber enhances bass sounds that are typically sacrificed in a stereo earmuff
  • Balanced sound across frequencies eliminates the need to “crank up” the volume
  • On-par sound quality of many professional and high-end personal stereo headphones
  • Sleek diamond pattern headband looks cool: easy to clean
  • Reinforced fork slides with handholds for easy and comfortable fit
  • Use as passive hearing protector or as stereo earmuffs
  • Ease of use is enhanced by maintaining volume and power control through the external device


  • Sound Management
    • Yes
  • Mounting Method
    • Over-the-Head Headband


  • Sound Management
    • Yes
  • Mounting Method
    • Over-the-Head Headband
  • Sound Management : Yes
  • Mounting Method : Over-the-Head Headband