Honeywell Safety Suite Device Manager

Advanced management for your Honeywell gas detector fleet

Safety Suite Device Manager is Honeywell's advanced software solution to enable you to effectively monitor your workers' safety and manage your fleet of Honeywell portable gas detectors and docks (both BW and RAE) across multiple sites. As a Safety Manager responsible for managing a large fleet of gas detectors, this is your tool of choice to reduce the burden of administration and simplify compliance, so you can concentrate on keeping  your workers safe.

Combining powerful reporting capabilities and streamlined device management, Honeywell Safety Suite Device Manager helps drive compliance cost savings by reducing paperwork, preventing shutdowns and fines, and accelerating task completion.

With Honeywell Safety Suite Device Manager, you can now:

  • Generate easy-to-share automated reports and get notified via email and SMS when alarms occur, to have the right data wherever you are and ensure your workplace is compliant at all times.
  • Unlock significant productivity gains by minimizing time spent on the management of your fleet: schedule several everyday tasks and perform bulk actions across your entire fleet to swiftly bring devices in readiness mode, while having the flexibility to carry on with other assignments.
  • Use the system dashboard for a consolidated snapshot of your fleet’s status and drill down to view insights that enable you to timely investigate areas of concern, prevent gas leak incidents and worker exposure and manage non-compliant gas detectors.

Available as cloud offering

The latest software release version is v3.2.0.
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Safety Suite Device Manager