Cold weather is unexpected so best be prepared. Learn how to help keep workers protected in cold-weather work environments.

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Don’t brave the cold. Keep it at a safe distance.

Cold weather is a fact of nature and – like all elements – it can be unpredictable and hazardous. This makes wearing the right personal protective equipment (PPE) essential in helping to safeguard workers from various risks related to working in cold-weather environments. At Honeywell, we have the right solutions to help mitigate these risks and keep your workers safe at work. .

When cold weather hits – be prepared

Learn the benefits of wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) designed specifically for workers in cold-weather environments.

Blow out cold wind hazards

Wind by itself is potentially hazardous. Combine it with cold weather and the result is high-risk work environments. Whether they work at height, in construction or are exposed to low temperatures, keeping workers safe is critical.



Keep an eye on worker safety

Eyesight is a precious gift that needs adequate protection on and off the job – especially in potentially hazardous working conditions. Discover how to help protect workers’ eyes from potentially harmful cold weather and high wind speeds.



Understanding the dangers of Cold Stress

Protect workers from hazardous cold weather-related injuries and illnesses. Learn about symptoms of and solutions for frostbite, hypothermia and more.



Recommended PPE Solutions



As a global leader in personal protective equipment, we know that it’s better to protect and prevent than to cure. Our safety solutions safeguard the future of 500 million workers and don’t stop working until the last worker clocks out and gets home safely. Contact us today to learn the benefits of wearing fit-for-purpose PPE in cold-weather work environments.

Fal Dieso, Sr. Director of Marketing

Honeywell can help

No matter how cold the weather gets this winter, Honeywell can help keep your workers warm and protected with the right personal protective equipment. As the world’s leading provider of PPE, we offer a comprehensive range of comfortable, high-performance products — along with specialized knowledge in worker safety — to help you create a safer, more productive environment. Contact us to evaluate your PPE needs for winter weather and quickly get the gear you.