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Stai protected in cold-weather environments.

Are you throwing caution to the wind?

Low temperatures and high wind speeds are a dangerous combination. Learn how to keep your workers safe in cold weather.



Put safety in sight with the right winter eyewear

Cold weather PPE is focused on gloves, boots, hats and layered clothing - but don’t forget about the right cold-weather eyewear.



What PPE do you need for cold weather?

See how weather-appropriate PPE can help reduce health and safety risks related to extreme temperatures.



Honeywell can help

No matter how cold the weather gets this winter, Honeywell can help keep your workers warm and protected with the right personal protective equipment. As the world’s leading provider of PPE, we offer a comprehensive range of comfortable, high-performance products — along with specialized knowledge in worker safety — to help you create a safer, more productive environment. Contact us to evaluate your PPE needs for winter weather and quickly get the gear you Contact us to evaluate your PPE needs for hurricane cleanup and quickly get the gear you need.