PPE 'when and where' you need it most.

Whether you work in a hospital, a dental office or a private practice, we strive to provide PPE you can count on. 

For healthcare workers, products like surgical N95 respirators and procedure masks are essential tools of the trade, but not all are created equal, and not all are available when you need them most. When you have full faith in the quality, fit, comfort and availability of your personal protective equipment, you’re free to do what you do best: care for people. To learn more, download our PPE Selection Guide.


Healthcare professionals in the hospital face a variety of threats, whether in a med-surg unit, OR, ED or anywhere in the facility. Our line of head-to-toe personal protective equipment helps to protect both healthcare workers and patients and helps reduce the risk of healthcare-acquired infections. Trusted, high-quality Honeywell surgical N95 respirators, face masks, reusable APRs, PAPRs, protective eyewear, face protection and exam gloves are high-performing and designed for staff and clinician satisfaction.  


Physician offices, outpatient surgery centers, skilled nursing, home health and other alternate sites need high-performing personal protective equipment that is comfortable and reliable. Our full line of fluid-resistant surgical N95 respirators, procedure masks, face shields, eye protection, exam gloves and more help facilities fulfill their infection control protocols in every patient care setting, helping to protect both healthcare professionals and their patients.


Dental professionals need PPE that meets the distinct needs of their environment. Honeywell Surgical N95s offer preferred features like a moisture-resistant inner lining and the highest level of fluid resistance at 160 mmHg.

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We strive to provide PPE that healthcare professionals can count on

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