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Protecting workers where they need it most.

Construction safety is vital at job sites around the globe. Hazards are everywhere, so taking the proper precautions can prevent injuries and save lives. Being prepared means providing products that withstand the demands when it matters most. That’s why Honeywell construction solutions are designed to ensure safety is always the goal in the face of your simplest to your most demanding projects. 

Construction By The Numbers

Construction environments are highly dangerous. Both workplace injuries and fatalities are devasting but can be extremely costly. 


average cost of
construction fatality


of construction fatalities
are from falls


total # of construction related workplace injuries in 2019

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Knowing what hazards to expect on a construction site and how to mitigate them is the right path to helping workers be safe, comfortable and productive on the job.

Understand OSHA safety standards in the construction industry

Understanding your specific jobsite hazards, the OSHA construction requirements and finding the right personal protective equipment (PPE) for your workplace can be challenging. But doing it can help save lives. Read our whitepaper to learn more.

Discover construction safety solutions

When you’re protecting a worker on a construction site, you’re protecting a life. Not wearing the right personal protective equipment (PPE) on the job in the construction sector can have an unforgiving cost. Make worker safety your highest priority.

PPE Protecting Workers When they Need It Most

There’s a true cost to working in the construction industry. Hazards are everywhere, so taking the proper precautions can prevent injuries and save lives. 

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We offer head-to-toe PPE to protect your workers on a construction site

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Choose the right capabilities to mitigate construction risks

Construction sites can be filled to the brim with hazards of all sorts. Know what these are for your business and take appropriate steps to protect your people with the right personal protective equipment (PPE) for their tasks.

Explore the benefits of the H700 full-body harness

A safety harness that is not as comfortable as it is safe can do more wrong than good. That is why we built the H700 full-body harness based on findings backed by the science of ergonomics with premium materials. Discover all the benefits.

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