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Don’t leave your Gas Detection Blowing in the Wind

Protect Your Plant With Ultrasonic Gas Detection

Add a Critical Layer of Protection to Your Fixed Gas Detection System

Flammable gas leaks are a real threat to workers and assets across the process industry. If they are not detected swiftly, they can quickly escalate into devastating fires and explosions. Ultrasonic gas detection helps you locate gas leaks at the speed of sound to mitigate catastrophic consequences and minimize disruption to plant operation.

Ultrasonic gas detectors can ‘hear’ the ultrasounds emitted by a gas leak, right from the start and under harsh weather conditions. This way, you can deal with a gas event early to protect your plant and avoid costly disruption.

With ultrasonic detectors in place, you will gain a vital layer of protection against flammable gases. A layered system that integrates a variety of gas and flame detection technologies ensures optimal protection against flammable gas risks.  

Keep On Top Of Gas Leaks With Ultrasonic Detection

Learn How You Can Leverage Ultrasonic Detection Within A Layered Safety Strategy

Ultrasonic Gas Detection White Paper

Learn how ultrasonic gas leak detection as well as other gas leak detection technologies help safety managers create a layered safety approach protecting people and infrastructure

The Four Layers of Flammable Fixed Gas Detection

Explore the basics of a layered approach to flammable gas detection

Searchzone Sonik™ Ultrasound Gas Leak Detector - The Sound of Safety

See how the Searchzone Sonik™ is different from other gas detections technologies and how it’s used to help create Total Site Protection from flammable gas leaks.

Searchzone Sonik™ Brochure

Find out more about Honeywell’s innovative ultrasonic gas leak detector, the Searchzone Sonik™.

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