Apr 25


LogiMAT 2023

Join us to discuss how we can help you to resolve your current challenges and scale to meet your future operational goals. Meet our experts who will be on hand in Hall 3, Booth A03, to offer insights into the latest developments in convey and sortation technology and how our solutions can help you to create safer, more efficient, and productive facilities.

Messe Stuttgart, Hall 3, Booth A03

Apr 25 - Apr 27, 2023

Whether you're looking to automate, elevate, or grow your operations, our experience in providing fully integrated, scalable, and future-proof warehouse solutions enables us to draw on a diverse portfolio of superior technology. 

Explore our solutions, how they address your current challenges and how we can help you take your operations to the next level:

1. Optimising Space

Honeywell solutions can be configured for the optimum use of available space. You don’t need to build a massive hub. You can work with Honeywell on automation and process concepts that operate at maximum capacity and efficiency within the footprint available.

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2. Cost Effective Growth Strategies

When demand has outpaced the capabilities of your operation, Honeywell has the tools and expertise to develop cost-effective growth strategies for peak performance at any level. These strategies can help resolve your current challenges and scale to meet your future operational goals, all while addressing your space and budgetary constraints.

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3. Upgrading your capacity, throughput and accuracy

New form factors of packaging and goods have become obstacles to existing, high-volume scanning and sortation technologies. At today’s volumes, they have also become all but physically impossible for human sorters to manage, leading to low accuracy rates, high returns, and frequent slowdowns or downtime. 

Honeywell’s EMEA-based resources work with logistics operations to address the pressing problems of the extremely limited workspaces of the smallest, cramped local hubs sorting and processing the “last mile” before delivery. Honeywell solutions enable compact, modular, flexible and eventually expandable systems, including increasingly essential intelligent automated sortation equipment that can take the complexities of high-paced sortation of different types of goods and packaging out of the hands of workers to increase operational throughput and accuracy.

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