DC Next

Prepare for an Uncertain Future With Integrated Solutions That Bolster Operational Resiliency

The relentless pressures of e-commerce fulfillment are creating unprecedented complexities in distribution center (DC) environments. Consumer expectations, labor shortfalls and the proliferation of SKUs are forcing many businesses to question their current and future fulfillment strategies. The pandemic-driven acceleration of e-commerce has dramatically increased order volumes and dictated the need to deploy new guidelines aimed at improving workplace safety and confidence. Creating a healthier DC will require a comprehensive approach to safety without compromising productivity.

If you’re seeking answers to the question “What’s next?,” we’re here to help. Preparing for an uncertain future will mean increased integration of a wide range of solutions and technologies including:

  • Advanced warehouse execution systems (WES)
  • Labor-enablement and management solutions
  • Robotics and advanced automation systems
  • Mobility solutions and software
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Facility monitoring solutions

But this is not a journey your business needs to take alone. Honeywell is helping companies of all sizes transition to a more efficient present and a more-certain future. Backed by decades of supply chain experience and a breadth of proven warehouse automation solutions, our experts can guide you to your next levels of reliability, predictability and profitability. 

Whether you’re seeking to achieve optimum results in your current operations or building the foundation for your future fulfillment requirements, we can help you implement best-fit solutions that address your specific challenges. We’re ready to help you create your DC Next.

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