ViewPoint Global Tracking Application

ViewPoint is an advanced web-based application that allows governments and organizations to track and monitor their personnel and high-value assets – even in the most remote and hostile areas of the world.

  • Global Access

ViewPoint offers worldwide web-based access to your assets – no matter where you are. Simple commands allow you to receive status updates and send text messages from around the globe. Through ViewPoint you can track, monitor, and send important information to one device or several.

  • User-Configurable

The easy-to-use interface allows you to manage your assets by setting up Fleets that can be modified and sorted with tags and filters. Using ViewPoint, you can add, delete, and rename assets and provide varied levels of access to any number of users.

  • Automated Alerts

When an alert occurs, ViewPoint sends automated notifications to multiple contacts via SMS and email based on a range of parameters, such as Geofence and SOS Alerts. Alert contacts and protocols are defined by the user so organizations have control of how to respond to emergency situations.

  • Remote Management

Two-way communication using ViewPoint allows you to manage your assets in the field. Change reporting rates, poll current location of assets, and respond to alert situations all from your local computer.

  • Easily Integrated

ViewPoint works with many enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and enables a common operating picture by clearly tracking, labeling and monitoring all assets.

Product Details

ViewPoint Advanced Tracking and Mapping Application features automated alerts based on user-defined geofencing options, including area violations and route deviation. You can easily create any number of geofences in ViewPoint, using a spatially indexed Geographic Information System (GIS) database and a powerful rules engine.

For example, you can create geofences to indicate safe routes for vehicles and personnel on the ground – if a vehicle ventures outside of the geofence area, an operator will automatically be notified via email or SMS.

ViewPoint gives you real-time visibility of your personnel or assets on a highly interactive map. In addition to using standard maps from Google, ViewPoint supports custom map layers such as security hot-spots, maritime charts, and EEZ boundaries. This is particularly important in regions where default maps provide an insufficient amount of detail.

Furthermore, the ViewPoint application is completely scalable. There's no fleet size limit, so it can support your organization no matter how large it grows.

ViewPoint is part of our complete tracking, mapping, communication and management solution. It allows you to define and precisely locate Points of Interest (POI), view current position, send and receive text messages, and access recent events and tracking history. Scheduled or on-demand report generation is easily set up and available in different formats for extended data storage.

Users can modify ViewPoint based on their own needs and their customer’s requirements. Viewpoint gives users the control to quickly locate and connect with assets, wherever they may be.



  • Warning – warning raised if a unit travels inside a warning area
  • Alert – alert raised if a unit travels inside an alert area
  • Safe – warning raised if a unit travels outside all safe areas
  • Route – alert or warn if a unit travels outside defined route corridor
  • Curfew – apply specific curfew times to any warning or alert geofence
  • Waypoint – notification when a unit enters and departs a geofence
  • Checkpoint – notification raised if a unit is late arriving at a waypoint (applied on a per-unit basis)
  • Overdue warning – unit has stopped transmitting
  • Static warning – unit is still reporting, but has stopped moving


  • Worldwide web-based tracking, messaging and alerting
  • Alert notification to multiple contacts via SMS and email
  • Terminal-to-terminals messaging*
  • Send text messages and configuration messages to selected groups of terminals*
  • Up to 450 customizable, pre-defined messages*
  • User can create a personal address book*
  • Synchronization “over-the-air” of pre-defined messages and address book*

*device dependent


  • Highly interactive and extendable mapping
  • Spatially indexed GIS database for rapid location of terminals or points-of-interest (POI) on the map
  • Google and Bing base layer maps
  • Detailed mapping of remote and potentially dangerous or hostile areas
  • Operator selectable detail map layers (in addition to base layer maps)
  • Define and precisely locate your own POI
  • Customize map views using POI
  • View: current position, recent events and tracking history
  • Point-to-point distance and route length measurement tool

Fleet Management

  • Locate by alert status, fleet name, group or user-defined attributes or terminal name
  • Request current location for any terminal in the fleet
  • Remote updating of GPS reporting intervals
  • Quickly locate and connect with the nearest Personal Tracker in group or fleet
  • Advanced report generation wizard for:
    • Individual units, units matching user-defined criteria or whole fleet
    • Schedule or on-demand reports
    • CSV, PDF and HTML format
    • Idling, speeding, mileage, time in geofence, summary information

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Downloadables  (2)
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