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1.25" Smooth Jaw Aluminum - Acme Thread

1.25' Smooth Jaw Aluminum - Acme Thread

1.1' Smooth Jaw Aluminum , Spring Loaded - Acme Thread, C-Type, Eye Without Strain Relief SleeveFeatures & Benefits:● These Duckbill and “C” Clamps feature pressure terminations for use with plain ferrules. Made of high strength aluminum, with bronze eye-screws, these Grade 5 clamps are designed for smooth operation and long service life. Duckbill clamps for all grounding applications from .16 to 1.1” diameter. “C” clamps for all grounding applications from .06 to 1.26” diameter.● Flat Jaw Grounding Clamps are now available with pressure terminals for use with plain cable ferrules. These clamps are made of a high strength aluminum, and a bronze eye screw or “T” handle for durability and smooth operation. Also featured is a hardened aluminum alloy serrated insert. This insert is designed to grip tightly to flat surfaces and cut through surface contamination and oxidation for low resistance contact. The pressure termination is designed on an angle keeping the cable out of the way during installation. The cable termination is angled to minimize interface with the “T” handle or eye when installing or removing the clamp.● ASTM Grade/Class: 5/B Serrated Jaw● Main Line Range: 1035.5 KCM ACSR to #6, 1.26” - .06”, 32mm - 1.5mm Dia..● Continuous Current Rating: 400 RMS Amps, 60 Hz