Prescription Safety Frames

Titanium Collection Titmus EXTS1

Titanium Collection Titmus EXTS1

Features Titanium construction, spring hinge, nickle free plating and N-Tite System. Available in two colors and two sizes.

  • Titanium
  • Lightweight
  • Spring Hinge
  • Nickel-free plating
  • N-Tite system

  • 48.21.140
  • 50.21.145

Value Proposition:
  • Economical protection and conventional style

Features & Benefits:
  • Sizes: 48.21.140: 50.21.145
  • Colors: LBR Light Brown Matte, LGR Light Gray Matte
  • Titanium, spring hinge, nickel-free plating, N-Tite system
  • No replacement temples
  • Side shield: T-LOC only, gray shield available, CS60/CS60S