BlueStar Named 2021 Distribution Partner of the Year

BlueStar Named 2021 Distribution Partner of the Year

Honeywell Productivity Solutions and Services today announced BlueStar as its 2021 North American Distributor of the Year. This is the third consecutive year BlueStar received the award, which is given to the company that has accomplished the highest and most sustainable quarterly sales growth throughout the year.

“A strong, knowledgeable and well-connected distributor network is crucial to our business, and BlueStar’s deep understanding of Honeywell’s hardware, software and services along with the high level of support they offer our partner community continues to prove valuable in this fast-changing market,” said Andy D’Amelio, vice president and General Manager of Honeywell Productivity Solutions and Services North American business.

BlueStar achieved high double-digit growth for 2021, driving orders for new products and solutions including mobile computers, scanners, printers and software, including the CT40 XP and CK65 mobile computers built on the Honeywell Mobility Edge platform.

“We are honored to receive this award and to be a partner to Honeywell. Worthy partnerships are forged over time in the trenches of day-to-day business. What makes this so special is our combined singular focus on delivering products, services and solutions to Honeywell partners every day—then watching the fruits of that labor exceed expectations,” said Dean Reverman, vice president of Marketing for BlueStar. “This award exemplifies the value of a healthy partnership and the rewards yielded through communication and execution. On behalf of the entire BlueStar global team, thank you for this and our great partnership. We look forward to growing and forging new business together in 2022 and beyond.”

Honeywell’s Productivity Solutions and Services business creates mobile computers, printers, and data capture devices that help improve worker productivity in thousands of companies of all sizes around the world. Honeywell helped pioneer the barcode scanning market, and over the years its new innovations have helped retailers, distribution centers, transportation and logistics, and healthcare organizations achieve significant improvements in efficiency, speed, and accuracy in their operations.