Search Field Service Software Solutions in the Honeywell Marketplace: WizyEMM, Honeywell Maintenance & Inspection, Bria Teams

Search Field Service Software Solutions in the Honeywell Marketplace: WizyEMM, Honeywell Maintenance & Inspection, Bria Teams

Hundreds of software solutions, technologies, and services from Honeywell and third-party software vendors. Find solutions by industry, solution type, technology, and OS. See the Honeywell Marketplace for the Field Service.

Ensuring a “first-time fix.” Increasing customer satisfaction. Growing revenues. Those are just a few core concerns for field service operations. Connected workers are more agile and more responsive to changing demands. That's why Honeywell integrated workflow solutions help ensure that everyone in your organization – from mobile workers to management – has the most accurate and timely information available. The results? Better-informed decisions. Faster response to customers. Higher productivity from the field. And greater profitability.

Honeywell Marketplace is a worldwide showcase for the latest apps and software solutions to help you increase productivity and drive overall profitability in field service. The online platform enables both Honeywell and our Independent Software Vendor (ISV) partner ecosystem to meet and collaborate to deliver solutions to the industries we serve. This online marketplace provides the ability for you to find, learn about, purchase, and deploy solutions that meet your strategic needs. In this issue we feature solutions from WizyEMM, Honeywell Maintenance & Inspection, and Bria Teams.

Honeywell Maintenance & Inspection

The Honeywell Voice Maintenance & Inspection Solution simplifies workflows using spoken dialogue and the hands-free efficiency of a voice-directed workflow. VoiceCheck compiles and delivers assignment information to technicians via mobile devices and provides users with an interface in which to view work progress and review and submit inspection results.​

Features and benefits include:

  • Process Compliance. Help enforce 100% process compliance across all technicians, whether local or remote. Push out new procedures in a matter of seconds and guide workers through new processes with intuitive voice prompts.
  • Productivity. Help eliminate timely and error-prone data entry, reducing maintenance inspection times by up to 30%.
  • User Experience. Allow technicians to do more of what they love – work on the equipment – in a natural spoken manner, reducing time spent on computer data entry.
  • Natural Voice Interaction. Honeywell's leading speech recognition platform, purpose-built for enterprise applications and workflows, provides the world's best experience when driving complex enterprise workflows using voice commands.


We are disrupting. Our platform is developed with Android™ new mobility standards built on Android Enterprise APIs, providing: new enrollment methods, apps management via Google Play, data containerization, real-time policies enforcement, mobile device control, security management, network and wi-fi management, geolocation, and remote lock. We offer Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) as a Service, PAYG, and easy and fast enrollment with no implementation costs for Manufacturing, Distribution and Warehousing, Transportation and Logistics, Hospitality, Point of Sale, and Field Service. We operate 100% on Cloud SaaS infrastructure and are a Google Cloud Partner. We are AI ready. ​

Features and benefits include:

  • Locate Your Devices. Use geolocation to locate your devices on Google Maps. Gain a single view of the entire fleet through one pane.
  • Complete Compliance. No need to police your workers, with automatically deployed policies.
  • Immediate ROI. Low cost, no lock-in contract, PAYG, scale as you need.
  • Enterprise Provisioning. Multiple options: NFC, QR Code, EMM Token, Zero Touch.
  • Device Security. Includes: devices and data, policy apps compliance, geolocation, lock, wipe, authentication.
  • Google Play. Includes: secure managed Playstore for public apps, customer private apps, and web apps; Playstore look and feel integrated into console; silent app distribution; whitelisting and blacklisting; managed configurations for apps and permission settings for public and private apps.
  • Profile Management. Profile includes: kiosk mode option, device policies restrictions, Android applications available on the device or silently pushed, device password security challenge. Profile is updated automatically on all devices when done from the console.
  • Service Management. Includes online guide and ticketing platform hosted on Zendesk. Remote control optional via third party.
  • Business Case. COSU Company owned fully managed devices in kiosk mode, locked down device with applications silently pushed. COBO Company owned fully managed devices with or without business apps, Android-like user interface with managed Google Playstore to select and install apps. Work profile secured managed container for personally owned BYOD; application and restrictions embedded in a container managed by the enterprise.
  • Wi-Fi and Network Management. Wi-fi can be pre-configured in the console and applied to all devices in a profile: • Supports WPA / WPA2 PSK and 802.1xEAP • Supports TLS and TTLS • IP Settings DHCP or Static • Option to set up wi-fi priority orders.
  • Device Information. Android version, battery, device status, display settings, hardware status, applications, memory events, power management events, network info, geolocation, user info.

Bria Teams


Make HD voice and video calls, send messages, and see user presence all on your Honeywell devices using VoIP. Improve productivity and communications within your organization. Supported on handheld computers, desktops, and mobile phones. ​

Features and benefits include:

  • Real-Time Team Messaging. Easily expand and escalate conversations. Go from a 1:1 to a group chat in an instant and add more team members as needed. You can also revive old conversations in your message history. Need to explain things further? Quickly escalate to a voice or video call, or screen share with a simple click from the message window.
  • Now You're Talking!. Team calling with tons of features – and flexible HD audio and video calling is included to get your team talking, instantly. Bria Teams also includes additional features and call functions your team can take advantage of, like call mute, record, merge, and hold. Need to make calls outside your team? Simply add your PBX, call server, or voice service. Bria Teams is highly interoperable with market-leading voice services and providers, with the ability to add up to 5 accounts.
  • Stay Connected Across Your Devices. Bria Teams is available for Honeywell devices plus Windows® and Mac® desktop and Apple® iOS and Android™ smartphones and tablets. With 3 app downloads per user, take your communications from the office to anywhere.
  • Administration Is a Breeze. Sail through setup and have your team talking within a matter of minutes. Managing your team is quick and painless with Bria Teams cloud-hosted admin tools.
  • HD Voice and Video Calling. Bria Teams features high-quality team voice and video calling built in! Make superior-quality voice and video calls over Wi-Fi and mobile data networks using the built-in Team Voice account, or leverage your business' call server or VoIP service provider to add your business number. Bria Teams supports a wide range of audio and video codecs to provide a best-in-class calling experience.
  • Messaging and Presence. Send and receive instant messages with your team and see and set presence status so you can get in touch efficiently and effectively. You can also send and receive images, videos, and files directly from Bria, keeping all your communications in one place.
  • Optimized Interface. Navigate contacts, favorites, messages, call history, and dialpad with a simple touch. Bria Teams' intuitive user interface is designed with consistency in mind, reducing the learning curve in adopting mobile softphone technologies and providing a seamless, unified experience across platforms – regardless of the device running Bria.
  • Advanced Security. Bria Teams is designed to meet even the most stringent security requirements of finance and healthcare verticals. All sessions are encrypted via TLS and SRTP for securing media and audio streams. Firewall traversal and compliance are also up to date with the latest industry standards (STUN, ICE, TURN).
  • Centralized Management Platform. Bria Teams is easy to set up and deploy with a web-based team management dashboard. Easily onboard your team, set up additional voice services (optional), and view user activity.
  • Superior Interoperability. Bria Teams is highly interoperable with a wide range of call server/PBX systems and VoIP services, including Alcatel-lucent, Avaya, Broadsoft, Cisco, FreePBX, Genesys, OnSIP, Ribbon (formerly Genband), Shoretel, Sipgate, VoIP.ms, and more.
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